Help with amplifier connections

Anyone familiar with this amplifier can you please explain to me the various connections?

INPUT = Balance connection
SPEAKER = Neutrek

Not sure what the DC IN guess it's for battery.
So, here is my best guess - BTW I have a pair of Moles powering my rears and am very pleased with them.

From left to right

XLR input - this unit is designed to be used as a monoblock thus only one. It is a balanced input

Neutrik Speakon connector - uses a special plug on the end of your speaker cable - very firm connection - generally only found in very hi end pro applications. REL uses this to connect to their subs (at least the older ones)

12v input - the amp is designed to run off a 12v battery. Whether it steps the voltage down from there or just runs at 12v I don't know. Generally you only find this on some very tweak preamps (Dodd) or power amps (Redwine Audio for one). Benefit is you have no noise from the AC line entering the amp

117v AC inlet - standard IEC female to be used with any audiophile power cord. Interesting there is no sign of a fuse anywhere

This is a very interesting piece - no wonder it caught your eye. Probably designed for remote monitoring, video trucks and the like where having a battery can come in handy. Nothing else handy I can think of about 12v batteries...

According to the PDF it puts out 160w/4ohms.

Mine is the unit to the left of this one
The manual shows connecting both the ac/dc power. This is very confusing.

However, after more research I found that they make the same amp with all sorts of different rear-panel configurations.

I'll probably buy them or the DAD-180's which put out 180w into 8 ohms vs. 100 watts into 8 ohms for the amp linked above. It depends on the price difference.
If you don't mind, where did you buy your Flying Mole products?

I'm having a hard time finding a dealer for these. Google shows a lot of dealers in the UK and one that I've found in the states, but they all carry the older version of the DAD-M100's.

Any suggestions?

I picked my pair up on the 'Gon. If you PM me I can contact the seller and ask him where he got them.

FWIW I got an immediate reply from the factory in Japan on a tech question, so I suggest that you contact them directly.

If it were me I would express my interest, describe the particulars of my situation and ask for their recommendation... As well as where to buy it - who knows you might be able to buy factory direct. The most important thing whether it comes from Japan, Taiwan, or China is that the model you buy is optimized for 117/60 and not some half baked conversion.

Obviously with the 100 line, they build one chassis with a whole bunch of variants . That line is 100w/8ohms as you noted. Also note the fine print that for sustained use they are rated at 30w - I have no idea if they are referring to a sine wave or what - the japanese are admirably conservative with their ratings. I doubt I will ever stress mine...

Please let us know how it turns out - they are highly regarded and I hope that the current environment doesn't force them to pullback on their plans for the US market.
Thanks for the suggestions. I emailed PMC in the UK, Flying Mole lists them as their US distributor. No word back yet.

I don't mind buying from Flying Mole directly or from a UK based webstore, of which I've found several.

I notice that the DAD-M100pro that everyone is selling has been changed on the Mole website to the DAD-M100proII, which I assume is a newer version. I'd really prefer to buy the newer version, or at least compare prices. Not critical though.

I'll post my ongoing findings here, maybe it will help someone else with the same interests.