Unable to connect any devices to the Internet using wired Ethernet connections

Yesterday morning, NONE of my wired devices (one Aurender N10, two MAC computers & one HP printer) would connect to the Internet.  I re-booted everything, checked all wires and it still would not connect.  All my wired connections worked perfectly the day before.  I was able to connect all devices using Wi-Fi but I always use wired Ethernet connections for security.  

I called my ISP who determined their Arris modem was working fine and suggested I call Apple Customer Support so I did.

The Apple Support person had me check everything and it still failed to connect.  He then had me wire my MAC computer DIRECT to my Apple AirPort Extreme Router BYPASSING the Luxul Ethernet switch.  All devices connected to the Internet perfectly.  I re-booted the switch and returned the computer wire to the switch and the connection worked for maybe 2 minutes and failed again (no connections). The Apple person concluded the Luxul Ethernet switch was broken (?) and I should replace it.  I purchased a Netgear GS608v4 8-port gigibyte switch to replace the Luxul switch and all devices connected to the Internet perfectly.   The Apple Customer Support person was excellent and helped me solve the problem very quickly especially since it was not Apple equipment that failed.  I was very impressed with Apple Customer Support.

My Luxul switch was less than year old and I was very surprised it stopped working.  I am guessing that maybe it had a loose wire or broken connection.  I am returning it to my retailer for credit.  Has anyone else experienced a bad Ethernet switch before?  

Yes. I have had 2 different units fail over the years - both in offices - a 16 and a 24 port Dell. Shit happens.
Yes, all the time. Wifi routers are worse.

The tiny boxes tend to be run too hot, and fail quickly.

I usually have pretty good luck with TP Link wireless routers, and D-Link switches now that they are "energy efficient'. I use a TP Switch right now.
Yes. I have had 2 different switches fail over the years - both in offices - a 16 and a 24 port - both Dell managed devices.