Advice on Audio-Video connections on new H/T

I recently purchased the Pioneer 50" 5070 Plasma TV, Pioneer VSX-82TXS receiver, and switched from Dish Network to Comcast Cable with digital HD box. I also have a Pioneer CD player, RCA-VCR, Panamax Power center, and a Sony digital DVD player. I also just purchased the Vienna Acoustic Mozart towers and also the Vienna Acoustic Subson Subwoofer. I'd like to set this up with HDMI audio and video to the TV where sound comes through the "TV", for times I don't want or need sound coming through tower speakers through the receiver, and also have a connection through the receiver when I want for football games or DVD's... Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting mixed ideas and don't know which way is best. Thanks in advance.

u need to run rca cables from your cable to the back of the tv audio in then. id listen through the stereo its easier
Digital Coax out of DVD to receiver. (but does this carry more than 2 channel I do not know)
HDMI is all you need to TV, as it carries all the signals.
Coax out to Receiver carries sound channels. (I own a Denon 4806 and Denon 5910, they have a separate Denon link that I use for sound from DVD to Receiver (including all surround modes), with the HDMI direct from DVD to Plasma screen.
Also, with a Pioneer TV and receiver, you may have a propritary link from screen to receiver you can use to direct digital sound from TV HDMI (from DVD) around to TV to Receiver. Denon link is a two way proprietary connection, Pioneer may also have one.
I do this with my HT.
Go from the cable box directly to the TV with both video and audio.
Use the digital out and HDMI from the cable box to your pre-amp/processor, then to the TV's second inputs.

Some TV's will automatically sense the "master" source while others you will have to hit the tv/video or source button to switch. I actually have my master source as the analog to the tv to make it easier for the family to use.