Von Schweikert VR-4sr MKII or Wilson Sophia

These two are the front-runners for a 2 channel rig I am assembling (although there are others in the race). The amps are going to be Nuforce Reference 9's and the pre is a Nuforce P-8, all connected by Tara Labs cabling. I have listened to the Wilson, but it was a TERRIBLE demo in Omaha, NE and I feel they weren't represented as well as they should have been (although the salesman went on and on about how great their set-up and room was.......ouch). I have owned VSA VR-4jr's and was pretty impressed by their sound and other Wilsons in the past have been impressive. Has anyone out there demo'd or better yet owned both of these speakers? This will be exclusively a 2 channel system running full-range (no sub plans yet). Thanks!!
I own VR4 GenIII HSE, and I've heard the Sophia. Unless you strive for a dead-neutral-bording-on-clinical sound, I have a hunch you'd be happier with a warmer speaker than either of these two if you're going to be running the NuForce gear.
what would be a warmer speaker in your opinion?
You mention having owned the VR4 Jr, so you know the Von Schweikert sound. I heard NuForce Reference 8 on my VR4 Gen III HSE, and I found it to be too clinical for my taste. That's not to say it wouldn't be to your liking.

What would be a warmer speaker? Well, I don't want to box myself into a corner here, but off the top of my head I'd say Eggleston Andra (designed by Albert Von Schweikert), Harbeth, Spendor, and Soliloquy (no longer in business). Of couse, I have NO idea how the NuForce would mate with any of these.

You might search for NuForce in Member's Systems and see what combinations others are using.

On what speakers have you listened to the NuForce amps/preamp?
Better to choose the speakers you like and then change the amps if you don't like the way the Nuforce sound with them.
I agree with Drubin.
Drubin has it right.
Drubin gets my vote.
Drubin...elected! Congratulations, Dan.
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Yeah no kidding. thats why I was asking for opinions on the differences between the VSA and Wilsons, so it would help me choose the speakers. Changing the amps is not an option. I stated I was using Nuforce equipment so that vairable was taken out of the equation. Ok, I'll go listen again and figure it out myself. thanks anyway.
You have not mentioned what speakers you have heard with the
NuForce, so it becomes very difficult to make meaningful suggestions
since there is no baseline.

I will again suggest doing a search of Audiogon member's systems for
those who own NuForce amplifiers. Check the speakers they use and
you'll have an idea of what works.

Also, NuForce has an active circle on AudioCircle.com. You might
consider researching there, too.
"Changing the amps is not an option"

You want to pick the speakers that you like, and then choose appropriate amps. Not the other way around. Sure fire to hit the 'on' button the merry-go-round
forget it.
If you want to keep your Nuforce ,look at audiocircle for advice.
They have a huge section only for Nuforce.
"Forget It"

That's not very nice when people are offering you sound advice. Hey, that rhymes.......

How about "Dude don't be so rude"?
I have Sophias with 9s....excellent combo in my room.

I also have Sophias and ref. 9. I like what I hear!
Both designs use aluminium cones - is that something you desire?

Metal drivers have a distinct advantage in stiffness, however, be aware that all drivers ring (like a bell) and that metal drivers ring at 10dB peaks versus the 3dB peaks of non-metal composite/woven designs. Some designers use notch filters to reduce the ringing peaks in metal drivers. Just make sure you are aware of the trade-offs, as these are both expensive designs.
I have a pair on the floor. They have been replaced in the line and I need to sell the floor demos. Retail was $12,000. If you are interested I would offer you my demo pair for 45% off retail plus shipping. We have all original packing, so no problem sending them. If you want photos let me know.
never liked either of these choices
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