BAT VK-D5SE CD Player for Wilson Audio Sophias

I'm cosidering the BAT CD Player for my System (Wilson Sophia/Krell Pre-Amp.&Amp.). I'm also considering the "Ayre CX-7e", "ARC CD3" and "Krell SACD Standard".
Any suggestions on these Players? or experience with these source components and Sophias?
Is the BAT VK-D5SE a good match for the Wilsons?
It is a match made in heaven
Never heard it with the Wilsons, but the BAT is silly good in my rig!
An online review from a couple years ago had a shoot out between both the BAT and the Krell CDPs. you might want to look that one up.

... the BAT was the percieved winner, BTW.
I don't have a BAT cd player. But do have all BAT amplification and Wilson WP 8's. BAT and Wilson are a great combo.

I don't think you can go wrong here. You may get better resolution from the other players you list, but not better midrange, weight, realness imo-all BAT stregnths.

Again, my opinion only, based on owning several BAT units and Wilsons...

Good luck
The BAT is a very warm cd player, with plenty of richness and weight. It presents a laid-back soundstage, you're sitting in row M. Not very dynamic or detailed when compared to other players. Depending on your tastes and the rest of your system, this might be a good match for you. I personally found the Wadia 860x to be much better, for me... more alive, exciting and engaging, but never brittle or shrill sounding.