Wilson Sophia 2

I am looking at Wilson Sophia 2's and have never owned a Wilson product. Has anyone regretted getting them in the context of a high end tube preamp / solid state preamp system? If so, please elaborate.
Also, do they sound full at low volumes or do they need some juice to avoid sounding thin?
Btw I am using Bat vk52se pre and Bat vk600se amp, all kubala cabling and esoteric ux3se cd player.
Thanks to everyone, I have to buy without trying them first.
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I've owned Wilson Sophia 2s, 3s, and Sashas. There aren't any absolutes in Audio and everyone has their own preferences; however based on my experience I would strongly encourage you to listen to Rockport Atrias, Revel, and Aerial speakers. I currently own Aerial 7Ts and find them to be the most musical speaker that I've ever owned.
I've listened to a lot of wilsons and currently own revel salon 2 and Dynaudio c4. I think the Sophia 2 is a great choice especially if you don't want to go over 10k. I think it's a great choice at any price. I want to own some Wilson speakers eventually.
Buy them and don't look back. I have owned a bunch of speakers, Verity Audio, Sonus Faber, Aerials, Revel etc and I bought a pair if Sophia 2's and love them. They do everything very well even at low listening levels. They replaced a pair of Watt Puppy 6's. I have a Plinius SS Amp with a Manley Jumbo Shrimp tube pre, ASR Basis Exclusive phone pre, Audio Aero Capitole CDP and a 1965 Thorens TD125MK2 table. All Kubala cables as well. First time in a long time I have spent no time at all looking for new speakers----
Sophia sounds great with BAT.

you have the makings of a killer system. Buy the Wilson speakers and never look back.

Keep us posted & Happy Listening!
Wilson Audio makes some of the most accurate transducers in the industry,
and are "accused" of being overly revealing. Without hearing a Wilson speaker, especially one with a metal-dome tweeter first, would possibly be a very serious mistake. Plus read some reviews that describe moving a wilson
speaker a couple of inches that can totally change the sound from the listening position. this could be either a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on your room, your wire, just about everything upstream that might need improving or replacing. Of course on the upside, you won't find a speaker that produces a more magical 3D image and specificity of everything in a given recording if conditions are mostly favorable.
If you have auditioned them and like the sound, then buy them and don't look back as the others have stated! The Wilson Sophia 2 will integrate with your system very well. The key is taking the time and setting them up correctly. I have owned Sophia 1 (still used as rear surround channels in my system), Watt Puppy 7, Watch center. I have since upgraded to the Mezzo center, and Maxx 3's. The sound when done right is addictive. Enjoy your system and the music.
Dear Friends

I know this thread was commenced a while ago. However, let me jump in and share a little of my opinion.  I have changed and owned alot of speakers through the last 10 years, and Wilson audio is definetely the best to my preference and taste. Why? I'd like to say that wilson lets music flows without veil and swings throughout the wide band of frequency without limitation.  When it comes to which wilson to choose, the sophia 2 and 3 are easier to drive than the sasha.  The sophias would be alot sweeter sounding than the sasha, vocal would be slightly forward and sweet sounding.  While The sasha would be more dynamics and accurate to reproduce kicks and slams.
I like them both and you can't go wrong with these two choices.  In terms of amplification choice. The sophia 2 and 3 would be fine with both ss and tubes.  I have tried myself gears from ARC BAT MANLEY and some other SS.  Here are my descriptionss:
1. BAT VK 60 and vk 5- sweetest mid and high, acceptable and just nice amount of midbass and low end. Good for analog playback..
2. Manley snapper and pre shrimp- just an average hard hitting but not excellent.. not recommended
3. ARC - right bloom from high to low an easy to love presentation
4. BAT VK 500 pre vk 5i- excellent sound staging and swing, i prefer this as a trade offs to the vk 60 for the wider sound spectrum and never runs out of juices.
5. DIY amps ss using famous hitachi mosfets: Nice and never dissapointing, warm and dark but sweet enough to love.

If you compare the sophias 2 or 3 to other similarly priced speakers in an A B audition, I am sure you will come to an easy decision. They are very very sweet and easy to love no matter what music taste you love. (Except you need the most ultimate headroom and slam - the Alexia would be the best money to spend as of today). 

Thanks alot for letting me sharing my humble personal experience. 

Disclaimer: I am an owner of this speaker..