Vintage speakers 80s-90s.....

Contemplating picking up some older Klipsch kg series, Infinity Kappa series, or Polk SDA series speakers...budget 2-300...any feedback or suggestions?
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I would definately go with the Klipsch. IMO-the kg (I think they are also called the Classic) series are more musical than the current line up. Check out Hereseys, Chorus or the kg4s. Good luck.
The Dunlavy speakers, such as the Cantata(s),are some of the best speakers I have heard (and I've heard a lot of them). Even the SC-IVs occasionally dip into the 3K - 4K range. If you haven't experienced the Dunlavy product, please do yourself a favor and listen to them if the chance arises. The reason I say that... is that the Dunlavys have been out of production for some time now. Nevertheless, they still can be found on AudioGon and represent the ultimate in value!
For that kind of money Klipsch KG4....... Great overachiever.I just picked up a pair that look like they just came off the showroom floor ( Black ) ..I paid $125 and they sound great ( for the cost ).. I swear you could power them with a flashlight battery.......
Brauser, perhaps you didn't see that the original poster wanted speakers in the $200 - $300 range? I seriously doubt he's in the market for spending $3,000 - $4,000 no matter how good those speakers may sound...

Boston Acoustic's A40's. Usually less then $100. I dare you to be cheap. Hey, you don't like, sell off.
Not trying to bruise your budget, but for another $100 bucks you could get an old pair of Vandy 2's. Now that's a bargain.
I remeber ADS speakers from that period being quite good.

Just bought some Polk SDA CRS's and am VERY happy. I strongly suggest you check that series out. Read up on them first and everything they say is true. I couldn't find a bad review out there.
80's-90's are vintage ?
Man , I'm OLD !!!
The Canton Fonum speaker series were really good speakers in the late 80s to mid 90s.
I think i still have a pair of Genesis speakers I bought in 1979. They were my very first speakers that weren't handed down from my brothers. Can remember what model. Now Genesis speakers cost a fortune.
Missions are/were nice,good luck,Bob
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I remeber ADS speakers from that period being quite good.
They sure were. I owned a pair of L1090s I bought at the end of that production run in 1987. The bigger brothers, the L1290 and L1590 were bi-ampable and had larger cabinets and woofers but all three shared the same mid, tweet & Xover. By today's standards the L1090 could have used a sub, but from 50 Hz on up it was killer and the bigger models had good bass that was especially clean and tight. Telarc used the L1590s as their playback monitors.

The next generation, e.g., the M12, was even better with smoother response, more transparency, and better bass. Sonically they all disappeared as individual speakers and created a great seamless soundstage.

This store has some L1590s and M9s. Those KEFs (esp. 103/4 and 104/2) are also classic.
On the lower budget end, does anyone have personal experience with Vandy 1b's or A/D/S/ L690's?

How do they compare?