Vandersteen 5 HP Filter settings for RCA unit

I need to get the Vandersteen Model 5 High Pass Filter settings. I misplaced the tops to my filters and would like to know the correct settings. Thank you in advance. If anyone lives in New Jersey that could lend me their RCA HP filter for a day, I could measure the setting on your units versus mine to confirm, that would be great.

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You can google a clear picture of the High Pass Filter which clearly shows the the filter settings that will match the imput impedance of your amp.
I have the RCA M5-HP filters, and here is what they read:

470K = 3,6 (PID switches to turn ON)
300K = 4,5
200K = 3,5
150K = 6
100K = 5
75K = 4
50K = NONE
33k = 1,3,8,10
20k = 1,4,6,7,10
15k = 1,3,7,10
10k = 1,10
5k = 1,2,9,10

I hope that is enough to help!
Thanks I for the life of em cannot find the covers. I know one day I
will searching for something and boom there they will be.

The RCA are different than the balanced version as I found that one
searching the other day.

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I did a search and the RCA pictures shows 100K at position 3?

can you please confirm again?

Thank you.
That is pretty bizarre. My RCA filters definitely show just what I posted above, and it seems to completely disagree with what the photo in your referenced ad shows.

I also have a set of XLR filters, and they read something entirely different from either of the two RCA examples.

I am not sure what you should do, other than measure the voltage output at the speaker to verify (the Vandersteen manual does a nice job of explaining that process). Then you will KNOW your are getting the correct roll-off.
How old are you filters, any idea?

Older HP filters with 8 dips read different....
You need Vandertones CD available download
off Vandersteen website.
Hook your Volt Meter set to AC Volts up to the speaker wires
at the amp or speaker with the High passes start at 50 k.
Play track 27 on repeat which is 1000hz and adjust your pre amps volume control to read as close to 1 Volt AC.
Next go to track 30 which is 100 hz and if the meter reads .707 or as close as you can get your set. If not start from beginning on trk 27 adjust dip switch settings repeat various listed settings until you get there.
What's wrong with asking RICHARD VANDERSTEEN?

Seems too logical.

Do not use the values that are on the chrome stickers.

There are values for the eight or ten dip switch units for model 2 and 3.
It is very important that the switch settings are set by what it is on the cover. There have been many improvements over the years and the switch settings have changed. It is very important the covers be installed and 1 screw installed, because it is a high impedance circuit and prone to RF.

BIG mistake to run the M5-HP(B) without covers as the circuit is high impedance and therefore subject to RF (not good). The cover should always be on with at leist one screw

I hope this helps you out.
Input impedance specs can be a "nominal" value, and the actual impedance can drop in the bass frequencies. So I would always check with voltmeter readings taken at the amp outputs for 100 and 1000 Hz test signals (you want the ratio of amplitudes for the 100 Hz and 1000 Hz signals to be about 0.7). My Rogue M-180 amps have a 200kΩ input impedance spec, but the 75kΩ setting works best with them. And the Stereophile measurements of the M-180 input impedance vs. input frequency are consistent with this.