Active filter for B&W matrix 800

Hello everyone,
I own a great pair of B&W matrix 800's and have read and found that the best way to get everything out of them is to take out the passive filter from the bass, and biamp the speakers with active filtering on the bass.
Krell made the KBX especially for this but it is either unfindable or super expensive...
Anyone has experience with making these speakers active with a "normal" and "affordable" active filter, which brand, model would you recommend?
JPS are probably the only ones around to make what you ant. They may make a custom pair for your situation.
Thx for the reply, could you be a bit more specific please? A google on JPS did not bring me very far ... I live in Europe, are there dealers for JPS products here?
Anyone else who has activated his B&W matrix 800's want to share tips?
Google "AudioFX". It's a store here in town that has a pair on display. I'm sure the owner(Chris)would be glad to offer some tips. Tell him Howard referred you.
The JPS filters are called "Golden Flutes". There was a pair of the Krells for sale about three months ago.
Thx for the tips! You mean FXaudio have a pair of golden flutes for sale in their display? or a pair of speakers like mine?
What price do these filters go?
There was a KBX for sale on ebay some time ago but at 2200 euro without shipping it seems crazy!? no?
The JPS Golden Flutes and Maughan Box and Anodyne Acoustics, were replacement eq bass boosters. I'm not sure, but I believe the Krell KBX is an active cross-over
JPS no longer makes Golden Flutes. Not sure about the others.
I was going to 'activate' mine, not B&W, but it's too complicated for me.

My next speakers will be active for sure.
Talk to ...

Probably has experience with M800's.

I should've read more thoroughly. I think the KBX is what you want. Audio FX has a website(Audio This store is located in Sacramento, CA.
Thx all for replies so far!
I know that the KBX would be perfect, if only I could find one at a reasonable price.
I should specify that I would only make the woofers active, as the mid and treble is superb as is now.
I would like an active crossover that is not built in, so a unit with its own casing, as I am not touching my beautiful speakers : ) and I have seperate power amps already, and I prefer analog to digital filters.
I am aware accuphase makes good stuff too, I was actually looking for normal price range active filters (like the once pro companies use, studio and dj gear: behringer,mackie, electrovoice etc...), and if there would be anything recommended there. As stated, I would only filter the woofers actively... would any units in the normal 300-400 euro pice range be up to it? Or am I just wishful thinking...
Ngjockey, your link o marchandelec looks promising, do you have experience with their products?