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Pedal steel
Buddy Emmons. Check him out with Danny Gatton, Redneck Jazz explosion. These guys are killer! 
Sounds like you need to set up the anti skate. Check out Peters Tutorial on you tube. He absolutely believes that you need to use it. It made a huge difference on my VPI especially with the original 3 D Tonearm. You will most likely need some smal... 
Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?
Both you and Dave are incorrect.  A HO 5 policy is an open peril/ all risk policy which covers contents at replacement cost for anything other than the exclusions on the policy. A HO 3 policy is a named peril policy and would not cover this exposu... 
Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?
Dave, it is if the has a Ho 5 policy subject to his deductible. 
tube bias question
No problem. Correction, the red lights should be off with no music and should beat with music on the VAC. I bet Alfred will answer you tonight.  
tube bias question
I would give Alfred at Hi End Electronics a call or an email, he sells them. I’m sure he will set you straight. If its anything like a VAC PHI 200 amp then the red light should not be on while music is playing. VAC’s instructions are warm amp for ... 
Benz Refs stripped screw hole
I would explore a longer screw but make sure the thread pattern is the same. A 1/4 inch longer will probably do it.  
VPI cartirdge alignment?
I suggest trimming back the insulation since there should be al least a 1/4 inch excess. I would cut it back at the tip of each pin this way you can't damage the wires. Then I would slide the remainder of the insulation forward or push the brass p... 
Has anyone ever had a problem with HIFI BROKER LTD in Europe ?
Oscar is a pleasure to business with. He is honest and will ship your item very quickly. He goes above and beyond.  
Favorite guitar players not named......
Here's a couple more.Lee RitenourMelvin TaylorJohn ScofieldBrian SetzerClarence White 
Top Ten Rock Vocalists
Couple more:Burton Cummings David CrosbyChris YouldenPaul McCartneyReally too many to list 
New Forum Format Sucks
I agree, this format sucks! The color combo is terrible, very harsh on the eyes. The old format was a lot better. 
Audiophile Fuses
I think you should check your line voltage and make sure it is 121 V or less. The Turbo is prone to blowing stock 6A fuses if the line voltage is too high. Israel suggests a Variac voltage regulator set to 115 V. He is also OK with a 7A fuse. I wo... 
Vandersteen 5 HP Filter settings for RCA unit
You can google a clear picture of the High Pass Filter which clearly shows the the filter settings that will match the imput impedance of your amp. 
Is there any 50W 300B SET monoblock out there?
Allnic makes 25 and 50 W 300B SET monoblock's.