Using protective discs under brass footers

I'll soon be taking delivery of a new rack and half of me wants to protect the beautiful maple shelves by using brass discs under the brass footers and half of me wants to put the footers directly onto the maple shelves even though they'll indent the wood. Anyone done an A/B to see if there's an audible difference?
Just did. My new amp has inverted cone feet. Bought some relatively inexpensive cups - metal with rubber, about 2" round. Purpose was to protect the wood, but low and behold, the midrange opened up, more air etc.

Who would have thought.
I have been a Star Sound dealer and their brass cones do sound somewhat better using the matching brass saucers. Not night and day but noticable.
I can't believe using those disk's will get the job done that the footers were intended to do.
I use maple platforms on my maple shelves with those rubber/ cork isoblocks between them. Then the brass footers on my component dig into the platforms instead of the shelves. Now there will be those footer holes only in the platforms instaed of your rack shelves.
Works especially well for my turntable and amp.
Markpao- Think you should have bought some addtl maple shelves to protect the maple shelves that are protecting your rack's shelving! Just joking. Wish I could afford your setup, but I could barely afford the new rack. I just took delivery of Bearpaws for my VPI Classic from Eden Sound and have a lot of Audio Points sitting in my drawer. When my rack arrives, I'll definitely have to do some testing.
I have a friend who uses Audio Points and a Mapleshade Samson rack; his gear sounded better with the saucers but if I remember correctly we used them point upward with the saucer under the component rather than downward into the shelf. You can try the Audio Points either way, they will sound different; one gives more coupling; the other more isolation. This is of course not an option with something like the VPI; the Star Sound brass cones made a significant improvement on it and I would expect the Bearpaws to do something similar. I used the saucers under it also but if you are just worrying about shelf damage you could used a government approved copper disc; AKA a penny.
I use the platforms for addition isolation since I have 3 components side by side on each shelf. It just happens to work out well that I don't have to worry about those holes in the rack shelves.

By the way, what rack did you purchase?
I had a set of brass saucers stashed away, so I dug them out.

I replaced some cheaper, gold-plated saucers I'd been using under the points for my preamp just a few minutes after reading Stanwal's post.

Same track, same volume level, sound is more focused and smoother, no kidding, I must be nuts!
Markpao -
Bought a Steve Blinn 3 shelf rack with matching amp stand; all with 2" maple shelves, except for 3" top shelf for my VPI Classic. Hope to see it in a week or two. I'll be collecting pop cans along the highway for the next 5 years in order to pay for it.
Would appreciate your thoughts on a question I just posted to another thread re: my Audible Illusions pre. Is it better to actually replace component feet with threaded brass footers (in which case I have to go buy a 4th footer). Is simply resting a component on 3 unthreaded cones a less desirable solution?

I got mine from Steve as well. You will love his rack and Steve is a pleasure to work with. Drop me a note if you need any help with assembly or have any questions.

Cheers, Mark

Steve's rack is assembled and in place. Awesome rack. Highly recommended. Bought 3" top shelf for TT and rest are 2". Can't wait to get my amp back from repair and on stand that I also purchased. Until then, all I can do is look at the system!
Lots of luck with it and enjoy!

The brass coupling discs when used become an extension of the points themselves. The discs seem to increase the surface area and add more than a few degrees of musicality to the whole event. Focus and speed seem to increase with no added sense of brightness. I am a Starsound dealer...Tom
Audiotweak -
Thanks. I acquired a number of discs when I purchased a couple sets of Audio Points a few years back. I'll go ahead and use them.
I have threaded bearpaws from Edensound going directly into 3 inch maple platform. Tried a few alternatives but going direct was the best sound. Trial and error will give you the best performance. Get busy and let us know your results.
Needfreestuff -
I too have bearpaws from Edensound - under my VPI. But, not sure I want permanent holes pressed into my nice maple platforms; so, I currently have discs under the bearpaws. But I've not had a chance to see what my new Steve Blinn rack w/3" maple shelves and Edensound bearpaws will do, if anything, to my system's sound because my amp has been away for repair for the last 4 months. When I get the amp back and have music again, I promise to experiment. In the meantime, I'm just picking other brains.