Surge protective outlets?

I want to install Leviton hospital grade 20 amp outlets with surge protection built into them. The catalog # is 8381. 320 Joules, 500V clamping voltage. They will be used with a basic Home Theater system, not high end audio. Each dedicated 10/2 20 amp line will have one outlet. Is there any reason this type of outlet should not be used. I want to save space and avoid using power strips for surge protection. The main electrical panel also has a whole house surge protector installed. Any other ideas? Mabey a different brand of outlet? What are your thoughts about using these outlets on high end audio equipment?
many high end manufacturers do not recommend any surge protectors. they feel the sound is degraded.
Is there any reason this type of outlet should not be used
You have made a good choice for your application. MOV protection is built into these outlets, connected in parallel to the line, so there is no degradation of surge impedance which would constrain dynamic transients. Your dual-gang cascaded approach to surge voltage protection is also the preferred approach.
I use one with my power amps and it doesn't seem to affect the sound whatsoever. They're kind of spendy for outlets but are well made. Also there's a light that will come on if the surge protection quits working.

My amp puts out 600wpc into my 4ohm speakers and sometimes I'd crank it up. Never noticed any difference between this Leviton and the P&S I had in there before.

Usually I wouldn't recommend this for a power amp but where we live sometimes the power goes off for a very short period of time then comes back on. I'd rather be safe than sorry.