Where to get protective cups for under spikes?

Hey everyone,

I see that Adona sells brass discs for this purpose, but are there any other retailers that I should consider?


I used old Brits pennies. They're copper and fairly large.
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Heavily loaded spikes can pierce small change. In Canada we go up to two dollars and I've tried them all. (Took out the toonies before they got holed, I couldn't stand to watch it happen.)

As of now I'm using Herbie's Large Grounding Bases, good fer a 450-pound rack, but they got me into an online fight with an audio skeptic. He said I couldn't be hearing any improvement over quarters and furthermore they cost snake oil prices. So if you do choose them you might want to keep it quiet.
Once the stands for my soliloquy 5.0s are loaded I think they're going to be tipping the scales at around 100lbs each. I might throw some quarters down in the meantime, but will want to upgrade in the future.

The Sound Anchors and the Herbies look really nice; however, they are expensive for just a footer.

I wish I still had access to a machine shop. Something like this wouldn't be too hard to fabricate with the right tools

I had great success with fender washers from HD, glued together using JB Weld, painted flat black. Fender washers are easily identifiable by their smaller than usual hole. You'll need as many that your spikes will fit into without the points touching the floor, and then one more for good luck.
VTI sells packs of 4 for $24.
I agree with Davemitchell, use quarters. First I used a 3/16" drill bit to put a small crater in each of eight quarters (for the spike point to ride in). I then glued the quarters to a piece of leather. After cutting out the quarters/ leather pieces I placed them under the spikes. The leather protects the floor from scratching and the small crater keeps the spike in place for final positioning tweaks.
The Lovan Footer is a great product; available in black or chrome
Plenty of places on-line for about $1.25 each. Do a search for audio spikes and find a couple of the catalog companies. Same material as the expensive stuff, coated brass.
Sound anchor sells what they call "Conecoasters" for 14 each. I am not sure if this is cost effective or not but seems like an option.

Personally, I am interested in replacing original spikes with soundspikes. However I don't know the size of Sound Anchor spikes and not sure if it is possible. Does anyone know if they are M6, M8 or any other size?