Update or Toss Technics SB-G300 Speakers from 1981? (link to photos)

Audiogon community, appreciate any experience / expertise regarding these vintage Technics speakers...

A family member has offered his Technics Z22 MK2 system from 1981. It's in great condition. It has two Technics SB-G300 speakers and an SL-D3  "fully-automatic direct-drive" turntable. The local audio store says that a very decent modern receiver can be had for $500 and allow for music streaming / Wifi / Bluetooth aptX to the speakers, and also connect to the turntable.

Photos of the original 1981 sales brochure (happy to post more for anyone interested!):


Each speaker is 15.5" wide x 10.6" deep x 26.4" tall (excluding the stand). They're a bit bulky for my apartment's living room (12 ft x 18 ft), and too big to be placed around the television, so they'd be solely dedicated to music.

** Anyone know if these particular Technics SB-G300 speakers are considered to be high-quality vintage speakers that can go toe-to-toe with (or surpass) a modern-day $1,500 speaker system? Or were they just decent mass-market speakers in their time, but technology has moved on? And similarly, anyone heard of this turntable? **

I'm leaning towards declining his kind offer, and just getting a new system that fits on the shelving so I can dual-purpose it (music + television).

If the experts here think that these speakers (and turntable) are really going to provide a superior listening setup, would love to know and preserve a good vintage system! I've been researching and learning all about speakers these last weeks and it's a fascinating world... !

Thanks again for any insights you may have.

Alas, neither the speakers and TT are worth much! The complete Z-22 system would be a good bedroom system for a teenager!
A donation to Habitat of the Z-22 is recommended, 
Robert, thanks for replying, really appreciate it and see you're a major contributor on this site. So I understand, you're saying that a modern $1,500 system, say, two bookshelf speakers + subwoofer, would sound far superior to these big boys? (Would love to know if you have a suggestion in that case, for a system that can also stream music / aptX!) Or are you saying it more tongue-in-cheek from a pure audiophile viewpoint, comparing these to really high-end systems from the period that people still seek out today? Asking because I'm comparing more to a $1,500 system than to a brilliant audiophile system. Thanks again. 
Use speakers in garage. Look at some Elac Debut for starters 
Thanks for the suggestions, JL35 and roberjerman. The Elac Debut speakers look fantastic. Going to enjoy learning and researching...! And thanks for the laughs re: Habitat or garage duty. Appreciate your time and willingness to help a newbie.
A good starter system would be: a pair of the Andrew Jones-designed Elac’s, a NAD integrated amp and a Sony Blue Ray/streamer (can be bought new for not much $). Add a powered sub (or two) for the bottom end. All this can probably be put together for about $1K!
Amazing. Have started reading up on Andrew Jones and watching some of his interviews. There's so much to learn and it's going to be a LOT of fun getting into this as a hobby now. Appreciate the recommendation! When it all comes together, will repost to let you know.
I disagree somewhat with the above posters, although, I agree, the Technics rack system is on the low end. But I would take it, set it up, and enjoy it for what it is, until you get other stuff. I am assuming you have nothing right now for a system. The majority of the posters here on the 'Gon, started somewhere with low end. As you listen to this system, you will be able to take your time, and decide, if possible, what are the things, musically, that move " you ". Not what moves me, or the other posters here. As an example, I would encourage you to get a used pair of Klipsch Heresys, off of Craigs list, and start from there. But again, that is what " I " like. Too many choices. Too many opinions. And the reality is, we are all individualistic from one another, of what sounds good to each of us, of what moves us. It is, of course, all about the music. You can always give the system back when you are done, or donate it, at that later time. I am a retired audio consultant, and I am making this suggestion solely based on my own experiences with clients I had, when they started out, as you are. YMMV...Enjoy ! MrD. 
i can't speak to the turntable, but i've used the sb g100 speakers on my porch for close to a decade and cannot tell you how many times people have commented on how good they sound--clean, surprisingly detailed with voluminous tight bass. they're also seemingly indestructible (i leave 'em out year round). also quite efficient--they'll get loud with your garden variety mass market receiver
Mr. Decibel, really helpful perspective, and Loomis, coupled with your experience, it sounds like while it may not be anywhere close to an audiophile's dream, it's going to be a system to pick up and play around with while figuring out the better and more compact system.

This feels like the start of fun journey and new hobby, gents. Can see a speaker collection developing over the years... thanks for the encouragement!! 
The good news is that there are currently lots of ways to get good sound for relatively little money.  Whichever way works best for you. My garage comment wasn’t a joke. Been using old Advents and an old Onkyo receiver in there for years.  Summer and winter and it sounds great. Advents 40 years old. Onkyo 20
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Technics made some very interesting loudspeakers back in the 1980s.  If they are functioning well, I don't see any reason to replace them.  Actually, Technics still makes interesting loudspeakers.
Viridian, thanks for the historical sentiment and your really specific turntable advice. It really helps clarify things and I'm going to get the cartridge you suggest, which has great reviews.

JL35 and Highway61, agree, it's going to be a great "first foray" into the audio world. Even if it's older technology, and doesn't compare (my original question), it's going to be a fun and educational ride and make me appreciate both the history and advancements.

The best part is that it also comes with his record collection, too. What a trip back in time.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who took the time to reply. Amazing COMMUNITY on here. I do the same for people who write into the history website I run as a hobby, and it's nice to think that good karma somehow comes back around. Wish you all the best!
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