Turntable recommendation

Anyone have recommendations for a mid-priced turntable in the $750 - $1,500 range?

Have an Acurus P10 phono amp.  I can use the table & phono amp in either of two systems:  

(1) Acurus A150 amp, RL 11 pre amp or

(2) Krell KAV 250 with KAV 250-p.

I realize it's a broad question.  Revisiting vinyl and am trying to start as a "blank slate" with "expert" or experienced input.   Thanks for any input.

Music Hall MMF5 or MMF7, whatever the current models are.  Plug and play. Come all set up from the dealer.  I bought a MMF5 when I got back into analog in 2005 and it definitely was good enough to open my eyes to the virtues of analog - but it did need a Herbies mat.  Regas are a good first choice too.  Get a Rega cart with it.  Not the greatest, but it will allow you to enjoy your table without worrying if it's set up correctly.  
The Pioneer PLX -1000 is an EXCELLENT turntable , at $799 will punch with anything under 2K .

However, setup is critical with any TT and if I did not want to take the trouble and expense to master that art, and it is work, I would buy a Rega Planar 3 with Rega cart installed .Rega installed alignment is MUCH more reliable than any other.
VPI Player, Scout Jr, used Scout as well. Rega RP3 or RP6. Project Carbon Esprit edition with acrylic platter upgrade.
Thanks, the Project Carbon looked interesting.  Helpful to see it recommended.  I'm getting interested in the VPI's . . . have to find someone who is upgrading to get a decent used one.
I have been using my Thorens TD-166MkII since I bought it new in 1984. Reliable, sounds good (had it slightly modded six years ago), and compact. For me, it’s all I need. I have 2 ’arm wands, one with an Ortofon OM-30, and one with a Denon DL-160.