Tubes and Paradigm?

I have a set of Paradigm Studio 40 v4's and kind of have an itch to try tubes. I looked through the member systems and saw very few Paradigms with tubes. Is there a reason for this, or did I just not look hard enough?
No experience with Paradigm, but Stereophile website has a few reviews on the Paradigm Studio series and from what I gather, the Paradigm is an easy speaker to drive which would seem to indicate that a tube amp would be compatible with these speakers.
For what it is worth I used to have Studio 60s and while I did not have tube amps at that time I see no reason not to give it a go. I drive Tyler Acoustic Linbrook System 2s and Taylo 7Us with 55wpc, and 50 wpc tube integrateds and there's more than enough power and the music sounds wonderful
They sound great to me.
I had the Studio 40 before getting the Signature 4.
Both sound great with my Jolida 502B.
I had Paradigm Monitor 11 V3 which I drove with a Prima Luna Prologue 2 with very good results except there was a lack of bass. When I switched to Cary 300B mono-blocks & SLP98P everything got even better including the bass. I also drove them with an ASL 2A3 integrated which was very sweet sounding although not the most dynamic or authoritative in the bass region. In other words don't be afraid to try them with different tube amps. Paradigm makes a lot better speaker than they're given credit for, I keep hearing folks say they're only for home theater.
Heard Cary 300B with ProAcs and it was a wonderful sound...I can't quite afford such a setup now but just upgraded my amp from Parasound to Sonic Frontiers Power 1 driving my old Paradigm Studio 20.

My impression is that Paradigms are great speakers (esp considering the price). If I won't find a good deal on ProaAcs here soon - I am surely upgrading to Paradigm Reference Series.
What I surely hear now is that they match well with tube amp but don't sound as deep (bass is somehow weaker and not as tight) as when driven by more powerful solid state amp.
Thanks for the replies. I keep constantly changing my mind on what to do. I'll probably keep my rig as-is for a while and try to finish my basement before I do any upgrading. There's a guy here locally who sells Conrad Johnson and Rogue, I know I'll be able to audition those as well as McIntosh. As far as bass goes, I do have a sub to supplement that low end. Again, thanks for the responses.
I ran Paradigm Studio 100s v3 with a Rouge Tempest for a while and in my opinion, they worked well together. I assume the 40's are similar, but the 100's have a pretty rough impedance curve (that is, some bigger dips) that makes them less friendly to tube amps.

So long as you aim for 40 or more tube watts (or so), I think you'll be fine. Good luck.
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I think Bob gives great advice. I borrowed a pair of Studio 100's a few yrs ago and they were very hard to drive.
Sprink,if you're still wondering about tube amps and Paradigm speakers,I have a Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum and Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers that I really enjoy.The Monitors are the least expensive Paradigms.I'm sure the Studios would sould as good or better.I can listen to my music for hours at a time without a hint of fatigue.Isn't that what's it's all about?
Have been using both Quicksilver Kt-88's and a ARC D-90b to drive Paradigm Studio 20's (v-2 and v-3) -both are very pleasant and very detailed combinations.