Tube Amplifier Rec. for Proac 1.5 or D 15?

I am asking recomendations for a good tube amplifier from the experienced that have listened to a pair of Proac 1.5's or D-15's using various tube amplifiers?
I like the sound of a good EL34 or EL84 based amplifier, but I think the Proac's will need a minimum of 40 watts to get the best from them. The experienced users may know better about the power needed to run the Proac's than I do.
The buget for the amp purchase will be under $2000, used would be the bang for the buck.
Any suggestions will very much appreciated.
Norris Wilson
Audio Research is always recommended as a good match with ProAc, they are often shown together. I have ProAc small monitors with ARC tube integrated amp--beautiful sound! For larger floorstanding ProAcs, I imagine you'd want to look for a VT-100 in the version (MK I, II, or III) that best fits your budget.
I also meant to add that the ARC amps use 6550's not EL34's or EL84's. I believe you can find Conrad Johnson amps that use EL34's.
Check the Decware website as they now have a very good EL34 monblock w/ 30wts per channel at around $1,500.00 per set brand new with a 30 day home trial. I have ProAc Response 2.5s which work real good with my 300B 10wt AirTight and has worked good with 25wt SS and 165wt push/pull tubes. I had 20wt 572 SET monos for a while and the ProAcs worked damn good with them. I think the 1.5s would work well with any number of amps. You know, it all depends on how big your room is, how loud you listen, what kind of music, etc.
I have had great success with my Conrad Johnson Premier 11A driving my 2.5s. Just about any amp will drive any ProAc Response speaker at least up as far as the 3.8. Even tiny S.E.T.s will drive them well. I would think if you are fond of EL34s the Premier 11xs would be a perfect match, very well built, great sound, and in your price range used. The one most important thing with ProAc Responce speakers is that the are very fussy about the quality of amplifacation, not so much the power.
I know you mentioned EL 34's but I run Rogue Magnum M120 mono blocks to my Proac Studio 250's. Awesome amps for the money. Right in your budget also.
I just heard a pair of ProAc Tablette Reference 8's with an Audio Research tube preamp and power amp (not sure which models), and this combination was magical! I was absolutely blown away by how good those little ProAc's sounded. I am thinking of picking up a pair of Tablette Reference 8 Signatures for my office (probably powered with an integrated from Arcam or Creek).

Tom, see if you can find a used ARC CA-50 for your Tablettes instead (they go for $1300 or so and use 6550's). I use this integrated with my 1SC's and agree with your assessment of ARC with the Tablettes: magical!
Thanks for the heads up! I am not familiar with any of the particular Audio Research products, though I have certainly been impressed by everything that I have heard.

Thanks again, Tom.
Well, I found some information on the CA50, but unfortunately, it does not appear to have a remote. This would be a consideration, as my system will be across the room from me in my office, and I want to be able to mute or control volume without having to get out of my seat. Still, I'd love to have a tube integrated. Are there any that incorporate a remote?

Here are three good sounding tube integrated amplifiers:
1. VAC Avatar SE
2. Graaf Venticique
3. Audiomat Prelude Referece
I am not shure that all of them offer remote control, but they are worth checking in to.
Good Luck
Tom, I just emailed you but will tell the rest of the thread too--the CA-50 comes with a remote.
I've heard the best performance of Proac 1.5 and 2.5s with Mac MC240. EL84 is definitely under powered. Unless you own a pair of the original Marantz 9, EL34 didn't sound as good as the 6L6GCs.
For the EL34, try Cary V12 50/100W. Used around 2000.00