Jadis DPL Tube Preamplifier

I recently bought a DPL which I am currently re-tubing. Just ordered a set of EH 12AU7 and 1 EH 12AX7, but am wondering how the (NOS) new old stock Philips would sound? Any comments on the NOS? Also my preamp was looking a bit dingy so I had it polished and looks like it could be brand new but the gold coating on the faceplate was buffed right off. I really don't have to do anything to it, it looks perfect but in the future should I have it re-plated with gold or is it possible to buy a new gold faceplate along with 3 gold knobs that might be available from the manufacturer when they were made? Deb
It's an excellent preamp. I owned one years ago. The plating wear is a known problem. New knobs and a new faceplate, from Jadis, will be expensive. If you like the current look I wouldn't worry about it. The problem with non-oem plating is the silkskreening. I don't know of a source. As for tubes, it's a personal taste type of thing.
Try a few and see which you prefer.
The only suggestion I might make is try the RCA 5751 Black plates ( or GEJG 5751 Black plates ) in the 12ax7 position..Both Great tubes ..One more Neutral ( GE ) and the other ( RCA ) more Warmth/Body ...Can't miss with either....I have both and lean towards RCA .....
If you need total silence, brand new selected tubes from a careful dealer, is the way to go. If you don't mind the occasional noisy tube nothing beat NOS for tone amongst other qualities. For 12AU7s try the Amperex cwhite lable and their are too many others to count,for quiet and strong you might get from Telefunken ECC802S but they are not cheap. If the pre is a loud one with gain to spare try some 5751s in place of your 12AX7s
Ive owned a Jadis pre for 15 years,new knobs im told are around $250 each from Jadis( and good luck having anyone contact you back through the distributor in Canada) so the best option is to replate.The face plate is very expensive so I would leave it alone.As far as tubes I prefer Mulllards(7025 or 12ax7) in the Jadis ,my second choice would be Seimens..I dont really like the Tele tubes as they sound sterile and thin