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I Was Considering Active, Then I Watched This ...
Brad, Are the amplifiers different between the SE versions and the classic versions of active ATC speakers?  If so, what would be the sonic gains? Does ATC makes actives with amplifiers external to the speaker enclosure?   Thank you.  
Tannoy Canterbury GR vs GRF 90
Thank you for your response.  I have since purchased Canterbury GR, own for few joyful years and recently sold them.    
Tannoy Speaker Owners
I have the Tannoy Canterbury GRs and tried a few amps with them. They are in a moderately large room with doors or opening at all 4 corners.  Very little bass modes and RT 60 decay time in bass frequencies are lower than  midrange and treble. Ther... 
Tannoy Owners: Need help with Canterbury GR fine tuning.
Thanks for the suggestion.  That's also what the manual suggest.   Do you have any soundstage wide issues using severe toe in? 
Solid state amp to replace my Audio Research Ref 150 amp
I have the Ref 250 (not se).  I enjoy them a lot but the heat is too much in the summer.  I tried many SS including Luxman, Pass, Ayre, MBL, Lamm.  The Accuphase A70 is very similar to ARC in terms of tonal balance.  Better bass extension but stil... 
Luxman vs. Accuphase
I have owned Luxman 590 integrated, M800a as monos, ARC Ref 250, Ayre MXR, Accuphase A70.  Both the Luxman to Accuphase are fairly supple and rich sounding as far as solid state goes.  In comparison to the Luxman, the Accuphase has better detail a... 
Azimuth question
Enough people buy Fozgometer for ease of use. Many voltmeter with notch filter can serve the same purpose. I use a Phonic PAA3 meter which has many more functions for not mch more money. 
JBL Project K2 S9900 Speakers Anyone Know ???
How would the Tannoy Prestige series (GR) compare to the S2 9900? 
Musical Fidelity KW500 and Rowland Continuum S2
Yes i much prefer MF KW500 to the rowland 201s and 312 
Musical Fidelity KW500 and Rowland Continuum S2
I owned the KW 500 many years ago. It was good for the money with great dynamics and bass control. It lacked the ultimate detail, transparency along with best sound staging capabilities. It was a fairly neutral amp with fairly good texture. If i r... 
Classical music comps
We know you secretly like classical music. It's OK to come out. 
Integrated amp for Avalon Indra
How would you compare the sound of the Vitus amps to the Boulder 1060s? 
Dartzeel CTH 8550 experience
Mike,What is the power rating on the CTH 8550 and the LHC 208?Thanks in advance. 
Good sounding Deutsche Grammophon recordings
Thanks guys. IMHO, this is the best thread on audiogon for a while. 
Dynavector DV-507 Mk II ?
Lew: Grandezza Rank #1 for bling but not for sonics or ease of use IMHO. I am not into bling so I prefer the Reed if I need a wood armwand