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beethoven piano concerto
Many thanks guys. I will check those out. Any other worthwhile recordings? Keep them coming? 
Tracking force and Unipivot tonearms
Difficult to be sure without being on site but change in VTF will change SRA at the same VTA setting. It may be worth while to adjust for a lower VTA setting and try 2.2g again. You may have set the VTA too high and required a increased VTF to mai... 
Ayre V-Kxe and Thiel 2.4s
Maybe some of the differences in opinions are related to global negative feedback. I had the CJ LP140m which uses a small amount of feedback. Comparing to another 350W no feedback amp that I have, the CJ had tighter bass control despite lower powe... 
Pass XA.60.5 Monoblocks to Pass XA.100.5 Monoblock
Stephen,Thanks for informative review and the comparison of different models along the line.Can you please elaborate on a comparison to simaudio amps? Did you have the W7M? Many thanks 
Problem with soundstage up near ceiling.
With the limited information provided, I guess the undue soundstage height is due to disproportionately strong ceiling reflection. Due to low ceiling height, the reflected sound off the ceiling arrives at the ears very close to the direct sound of... 
Thoughts on 845 set monoblocks
How does the 845 offerings from Cary and Antiquie sound Labs fit into the excellent amps mentioned above?Many thanks 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
How is the ayre KXR comparing to the ARC Ref 5 or 5SE ? 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
AC regenerator
Currenly have both PS audio P10 and Purepower 2000 +additional battery pack. Both are better than wall AC for most of my electronics except power amps. I have 4% THD from the wall (dedicated subpanel). Some electronics are better on one over the o... 
Bandwidth question?
Many thanks for all the responses. To be specific, I am not interested in debating the human hearing bandwidth. Mine is 25hz to 17khz.I am interested in the how the ultrasonic bandwidth impacts the reproduction of audible frequencies. Many respons... 
Best Solid State Amp w/ Avalon Eidolon Diamonds
I have tried many amps with the Avalon Diamond & Isis. The more expensive ones includes: Boulder 1060, Rowland 312, Vac phi 300.1, Spectral, luxman M800a, ayre mxr, levinson 432, MBL 9008, conrad johson 140 (monos), Jadis da88s.The lower price... 
TW-Acustic Raven 10.5 or DaVinci Grandezza??
To the origin OP,I have owned both arms: TW 10.5 an a 12inch Davinci. I tried both arms with 4-5 carts. Of these two, I would pick the TW over the 12inch Davinci.On the sonic side, I feel the 12inch Davinci slows the transient attack slightly and ... 
Dedicated listening room design
IMHO, HT demands a room with lower reverb time as a lot of ambient info is accounted for in the surround tracts. Lower reverb time allows for improved speech clarity for HT dialog. Many acousticians shoot for an RT60 of 0.3sec in mod sized room. I... 
Has anyone tried the new Lyra Kleos?
Jonathan,Would the new lyra cartridges continue to have a hole drilled in the body, allowing for fast mounting on the Centroid arm?ThanksGordon 
Has anyone tried the new Lyra Kleos?
I am a lyra fan and love the titan i for its intensity and lightening transient: not only for the attack but also for how fast it can release the notes. Before optimizing the Kleos, I initially thought the designer went for a warmer, slower sound ...