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Integrated amp for Avalon Indra
Owned multiple Avalon speakers. Tried many amps. Boulder 1060 had good bass and macro-dynamics but lack micro dynamics and detail. Ayre MXR was pretty good depending on your taste. I find ayre mostly satisfying but transient attack was slightly hy... 
Dynavector DV-507 Mk II ?
I have had the 507mk2 along with Graham Phantoms, Reed, Centroid, Davinci Grandezza, TW caustics 10.5 and others. It is one of my favorite. The arm dissipate cartridge resonance extremely well and it is very dynamic in the bass (probably low verti... 
Avalon Opus Ceramique
Ptss, I don't mean to hijack so I posted the response on my system page. Thank you for your interest.Gordon 
Avalon Opus Ceramique
The vinyl on the shelfs absorb too much high frequencies and shelfs extended reverb in the lower midrange and upper bass. This lead to significant sonic degradation subjectively. The changes are also reflected in reverb time (RT60) measurements an... 
Avalon Opus Ceramique
I use Cerabase from finite element which yielded better results than the fairly nice stock cones.I have not tried stillpoint for speakers. I have stillpoint racks under my amps and they are nice improvement. I used to own the Opus Ceramique, then ... 
Avalon Opus Ceramique
Ceramique very limited in bass extension. Suitable for small rooms with construction material that traps bass energy (concrete). Bass is insufficient for medium size room. May work if listening position has large bass modes (e.g. chair close to wa... 
Anti-skating- test records vs. ears
Antiskate is used to counteract skating force which varies across the record surface from outside to inside in nonlinear fashion. Skating force is a function of groove friction, stylus shape, tracking error (impacted by alignment choice), record s... 
Your most disappointing purchase or audition?
Jeff Rowland 201 and later the 312. Rave reviews in US and Asia. 
Seeking more 3d imaging, deeper/wider soundstage
Read the article " Room with no boundaries" and if that peak your interests, Master Handbook of Room Acoustics.Early reflection from nearby boundaries arrive early in time and high in intensity. Those are the clues that we are in a small space.Use... 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Reynolds: Yes. I am a cyclist as well but not a good one (3W/kg/hr). I have a Rikulau ( no name TW brand) with Reynolds 931 tubings. Also have the usual carbon fiber latest and greatest. Sorry for the hijecking the thread."I always want to win", "... 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Reynolds,Are you a cyclist? 
primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas
Tried many speaker cables with Avalons: MIT varies levels, transparent, nordost, acoustic zen, stealth dream, ridge street audio, purist audio, cardas clear. best fit for me was tara lab 0.8. That is with both SS amp and tube amp. 
TW Acustic Turntable Mat
No mat works best for me. I tried a few including graphite, bostom acoustic and TTW triple laminated with copper and carbon fiber, millennium. 
Turnable database with TimeLine
Anyone tried the timeline with a Brinkmann table? 
XV1T sounds quite different than the other dynavector carts. IMHO, it is better than the other ones in the line up.I have a XV1T among others and I think very highly of it. I initially set VTF at 2.0g when it was new. Now I set VTF at approx 1.9g....