Amplifier for Sonus Faber Electa Amator

mark levinson 331 ?
CJ Premier 12. and CJ Premier 16LS(line stage)
Used to own these speakers & drove them with a Krell KSA200S. These speakers need big big room to work properly OR acoustically treated otherwise you'll be disappointed w/ them. If set up properly they will do magic! Good luck.
I always wonder about guys/gals when they use SF speakers with Tubes.....What the hell is wrong guys Sonus Faber has been designed with solid state amp and they like/prefer fastest ss amps....not Krell or Levinson for that matter, but Spectral and YES GOLDMUND by far best combination with them and I also agree with previous responder they need decent size room. ciao
Don't know about other tube companies, but Sonus Faber and Jadis is a classic match. I've read many people who rave about it.