tube amp will drive von schweikert VR4-jr?

Need assistance -
Do you owners of VSA VR4-jr have experience driving them with any tube amp ?
i'm considering moving towards tubes but not sure they will have enough power for the speakers.
I think these speakers like power. I've tried all sorts of amps and they always seem to come alive with more power. Tubes are great with them. They sounded terrific with the VTL 450 amps (tubes) and the Parasound JC-1 (solid state) both similar power, 400 watts. They sounded a little weak with the Pass Aleph 2s (100 watts) and the Linn Classik (70 watts) Tubes, yes, but I'd look for amps with at least 100 watts if it were me.
I'm running my JRs with a BAT VK60 for the moment and it is working out extremely well. No signs of compression or strain, even at moderately high volumes.

Being only moderately efficient, I think the speakers can benefit from being fed more power, but they do very well with less. They manage to make do with what you give them.
The Stereo Times reviewer used the Almarro A50125A with the VR4s, can give it a try.
I run mine with Quicksilver M80 tube monoblocks (80 watts per) and they sound great. They don't seem to be lacking in power at all with the VR4-jr. I recommend looking into the Quicksilver V4 tube monoblocks (conservatively rated at 120 watts per). I would love to here that combination and at some point plan on it!
I'm running mine with a Premier 11A (70Wpc). I am going to try bi-amping but with just the one amp, they seem to be adequately driven at the listening level I prefer.
More power the better. Used VTL 300's with good results, Also hurricanes, cary v-12 ect. Now using rogue Zeus, they need ever bit of that power to really get going.
You bet! Albert voices and shows with VAC tube equipment and he drove a pair of 4Jr in Vegas with Kevin's PHI Beta integrated amp with 110w/side and they sounded fantastic.
I use both Von Schweikert and VAC, and on some level, I think it's just wrong from a price-point standpoint to display the VR4Jr speakers with a $19,000 integrated amp.

How many buyers of the VR4Jr speakers are going to be seriously looking at VAC Phi Beta amplification? And, vice versa, how many purchasers of the VAC Phi Beta are going to be considering the VR4Jr loudspeakers to complete their systems?

Put a Ferrari engine in a Chrysler Crossfire, and I bet it'd be a smokin' ride, too.
A local dealer has paired the VR4-jrs with deHavilland 845 (30WPC), along with a Hovland HP-100 pre and Naim CDS3. The system was beautiful, playing in a room around 14 x 20. So, I don't think you need hundreds of watts. Perhaps, a little more power would have been nice higher SPL on some recordings. Made me wonder about the deHavilland GM70 (50WPC) paired with the VR4jr. So, don't count out some of the less 'powerful' tubed amps.

I use the Sound Quest SQ-88 integrated amp (rated 55 watts with KT-88 tubes) with my VR-4jr and am very pleased. I tried using EL-34 tubes in the SQ-88 but that was underpowered, especially in the bass end, being only about 35 watts from the two EL-34 tubes per channel. Even the KT-88 tubes lack a bit in bass definition and punch (compared to comparably powered Krell SS amp) but I am not a bass freak so it works out great for me!

You might also look into the Consonance M800 or Cyber 800 mono blocks. These are rated at something like 75 or 80 watts from 4 EL-34 tubes per channel. If I had the $$$ for them and plus decent preamp I'd have them. I like what the EL-34 and VR-4jr do for the midrange and bet the 75 or so watts of EL-34 power would do all I’d ever need on the low end.
You have to buy whats reliable & cheap on this market. My amp, the Sonic Frontiers SFS80 is an excellent anp for his
speakers.THese amps are avisble at abuot 40 precent of original listing. Also there must be some modes that we would be interested in.
They sound excellent with a PrimaLuna Prologue 2. Granted you don't have all of the solid state grunt and sheer power, but you have finesse and quite reasonable bass. Highly impressive.
Surfgod: "You have to buy whats (sic) reliable & cheap on (sic) this market."

Why do we have to do that?

BTW I'm using Quicksilver V4s on the MR/treble of the rather insensitive Eminent Tech. 8s, and they (BOTH of them!) sound I've ever heard (but I don't get around much to listen to SOTA systems).
I would suggest 100W minimum. I have a 50 watt ASL amp and it drives them ok, but not in triode mode. I am going to give the bass 200W each channel with solid state and use my ASL tube amp for the mid-high at 30W. The bass driver uses most of the power.
I am using 75W VAC Avatar Super with great results. Not quite as good as SS in the bass department, but overall very good.
I had my Berning ZH-270 (70 wpc) on a pair one day. Not a big room but PLENTY of drive. FWIW.
I happened to be at a party where a fellow was using my amp (McIntosh 2102) rated at 100 wpc and the VR4-jr speakers. Very impressive.
I am currently running mine with a BAT VK-60 but will probably purchase another VK-60 & run in mono providing 120 per side. I love what the VK-60 does with these speakers, it is the best sound I have had in my house yet. I have looked at alot of other amps & think running a pair of 60's in mono will give me the best bang for the buck with the most impact.
Fishwater, Have you thought of using a SS 100-200 WPC amp for the bass section instead. I think SS on the bass will give you good impact and leave the quality tubes for the midrange and highs? just throwing it out there.
I have thought of it but it seems to be a PITA. The research I have found all seems to say there are some difficulties matching the gain between the two. Most folks also say to use an active cross-over as well. Seems like it would be difficult to match well.
I've tried the VR4jrs with Brystons and Aleph 0s. Just excellent really. Again it is a matter of taste in what type of "sounding" amp to use. In a seperate set-up, we've tried (and are currently using) a Manley Stingray (35 watts) to drive the 4jrs and they are driving them fine. Room size is around 4m x 5m. Volume levels used were reasonable, no head banging levels.

If you're using a tube amp, just make sure you have enough lead shot in the 4jrs to dampen cabinet resonances. This likewise helps in making it easier to drive as it lessens impedance dips.

What isn't a PITA in hi-fi. just kidding, I know what you mean. The manual actually says that an outboard crossover isn't necessary becuase there is one internally for both sections. It also mentions good results for a 100-200 wpc SS for woofer and 30 wpc tubes for Mid-hi. But as you mentioned, it could be tough to match the levels. I don't think you'll get the best from the bass with 60 wpc tubes used for the woofers. I hope I'm wrong though.
My (current) plan is to purchase another VK 60 & run the pair in mono. That will bring it up to 120wpc vs. the 60wpc I have now.
Does the VK60 have a 4ohm and 8ohm option for output, because the mid/highs are 4ohm, and the bass is 8ohms?

I ask because my tube amp has an option for both, and it made a world of difference matching the 4 ohms. I would like to with a bat eventually for the highs anyway because I've heard to many people talk about how well they match together.

I think the BATs do have that option. Best to use the 4 ohm option as the 4jrs are a nominal 6 ohms. Just a correction the m/t module is 8 ohms and the base module is 4 ohms.

My partner is using a VK75 with his 4srs and they are just amazing. He is currently moving from an all Mark Levinson system to a BAT system. He however finds the VK75 euphonic for his taste so he's saving up for the VK75se, which is said to be more neutral. They drive the SRs effortlessly though. Although not as quick and punchy as the MLs, the base is still fast and the extension is there. I find no fault in the BATs. Honestly, I've been thinking of the VK55 for my 4jrs in case my DB99 falls though.
The DB99 would be great and require much less power. Good luck. I hope you get them.

Thanks for the info on the BAT. I will most likely go that route in the future.

Oh, yeah I pulled a little dislexia with the impedance.
Recently picked up a pair of JR4's. They are being driven by a 55 watt tube integrated amp. The SQ-88, from Quest for Sound audio. Great combo, there is music in the air.