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EAR Acute
The Acute is actually a modified Arcam CD player with Wolfson DAC according to my dealer.I was considering the AA Prima too. The Prima is cheaper and looks much nicer but having not heard it in the flesh, decided to play safe and go for the Acute.... 
EAR Acute
Saw the much more beautiful chrome faceplate version on Audio Revelation's website. Now no excuse, the Acute is on the way! 
EAR Acute
Personal - feels cheap and lightweight. Tray is noisy too. 
A Bright Pair of Watt Puppys
Change the speakers :)Roy 
Has anyone heard the Magico Mini?
And how did you get the impression that I said "ANYTHING" will sound better on the big ARC? All I said was that the big ARC will make many other speakers sound good too.Btw, what amps are you using with your MM now?Merry Christmas,Roy 
Has anyone heard the Magico Mini?
Hmm... I think many other speakers will sound great if not better with a pair of ARC 610 on tap :)The irony is that we have a bookshelf here that's so hard to drive and needs amps bigger than themselves to shine. 
Calling for opinions on Escalante Fremonts
Heard the speakers at RMAF in 2 different rooms and they sounded ENTIRELY different. I like the setup with the Pass Lab gear very much. I guess the Fremonts are transparent enough to let the upstream equipment through; question is how much one has... 
Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?
Joe,From your experience, can the Adagios be driven by low powered SETs such as the Art Audio Carrisa?Roy 
6C33-B vs everything else.
Darkmoebius,Almarro is said to release details for a non-NFB version of the A318B. It's supposed to be warmer sounding with denser imaging w/o losing the dynamics. Maybe, you should contact your dealer about the retrofit 
They don't make them like they used to...
John,Can you give a comparison of the sound of the Wolcott monos with that of the VT130 since you have extensive experience with both?The CAT, well, it's outta of my grasp...Cheers. 
Shanlilng CD players
Kilsho, I emailed Raysonic and they said that the CDP retails for $1699. This one looks like a MBL :) ...Looking at specs, looks quite identical to Shanling stuff. 
Shanlilng CD players
The Raysonic CD128 looks very nice too. Anyone heard it? 
Who's heard the Rega Apollo?
Where does the Apollo fall in Rega's range of CDPs, i.e. the Planet and Jupiter?Thx! 
Who's heard the Rega Apollo?
Sounds like Meridian style at a lower price to me :) 
Best 845 amp?
looks interesting too.