totem rainmakers

I am thinking of buy the Totem rainmakers. will my Onkyo av receiver TX SR606 possibly be of good enough quality for them, or should i buy a separate amp.

thank you, from a very unknowledgeable person (musician) who wants to hear the music!
Being a musician actual;ly lets you buy less costly rigs because the music is already in yoiur brain and the external cues seem to set off what it should sound like in most cases. That said, you should consider a separate perhaps integrated amp. Go and see what is available from your local dealer and understand that amps cost as much or more than a TV.
the totems are releaving. you might feel the need to upgrade electronics soon. An integrated amp is a good suggestion. Maybe NAD or Cambridge.
Hi, I've owned most of the Totem lineup over the years...I'm a musician (or was before fatherhood)as well and I know what Mechans is talking about. Totem speakers just sound more alive and full of energy...almost physical! Many a 6 figure system has come in and out of my home(s) over the years, but Totem remains dear to my fact I just placed an order for a new pair of Forest speakers in Cherry:) My favorite Giant Killer Integrated right know is the NAD C375BEE for about $1200. I have used it on several speaker systems and I will use it on my Forest's as well...enjoy!
Totems are nice speakers, no doubt. But I believe they require a bit of power to sound their best. As Tbromgard suggested, a NAD integrated (with 80W) would go well with these speakers.
I suggest that you try more sensitive speakers like the Tekton M-Lore that will probably sound great with your existing amp. Also they cost much less than the Rainmakers.
I second Mechans on his opinion about you being a musician and the audio equipment you need.
I have had success with all the amps I've thrown at them. I started with the Dared DV-6C, which is tube preamp stage feeding class-d amp stage. 65 watts at 4 ohm, bi-amped. More than enough power, and sounded wonderful.

Next I powered them with the new Pioneer SC-68 receiver. This offered about 225 watts at 4 ohm. Wonderful sound.

Now I use a Harman Kardon HK990 integrated amp, which is 300 watts at 4 ohm. This is an amazing integrated, so it sounds lovely.

Remember, they are rated at 100 watts max I think. Find a good amp that is stable at 4 ohms and enjoy man.

thank you so much for all these answers..I have to sign up for notifications or something - i am just getting to these. Very interesting comments about not need ing hgier end stuff because i am a musician.

thank you all again