Thoughs on Totem Rainmakers


Thanks to all who helped my with my prior thread on the Totem Hawks.

What are your guys thoughts on the Totem Rainmaker. I must of missed the launch at CES.

Has anyone heard them? How do they sound? I looked for other treads but no one has really given a review on these babies yet.

How easy would they be to drive? The website says 20 watts at 4 ohms. But in the real would how much power do you think it will take to make them sing?

Also sound wise, what other speakers in the totem line would you compare them too?

I know these are cheaper than what I was looking at before, but buy a cheaper speaker will leave more money to get better amplification. The fact that they are easier to drive than other speakers in the totem line up means i can get a high quality integrated, rather than spend more money on seperates.

What integrated amp would you recommend for these around the $1000 USD mark new or used.

Thanks in advance,
Sound and opinions at audio shows are notoriously inaccurate and subject to suspicion. However, if a room has very good sound it is usually an indication that the components are doing something right. These little speakers sounded VERY big in the Totem room. Most people were laughing and how good the sound was (forget about the price, they just sounded damn good). Definitely worth an audition.

Decent speaker for the money but will only play so loud do to 4" woofer. The subwoofer that comes with the package is down right cute.

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Totem played both Rainmakers & Arro's in their room at the New York show in May. The Rainmakers appeared to be more dynamic while the Arro's had better detail and soundstage. So it depends on your listening habits, etc. I preffered the sound of the Arro's and just bought a pair. Sound great so far, but I have yet to fully break them in.
Thank you all for the responses so far,

Has anyone out there had a chance to compare the Rainmakers to any other speaker? Whether the old speaker how a totem or other???? If so how did it fair?

The speaker I am specifically looking at replacing are my Paradigm Reference Studio 40's v.2

Thanks again for all the input.
I believe that prpixel was refencing the dreamcatcher set instead of the rainmaker. In my experience with the rainmakers the "totem sound" is here in full force. These are very open and detailed but to some may sound, not bright but, excitable. A sub is necessary with most music choices. I have compared these to spendors, the quad 11 and 12, and others and found the totems to fit my needs for mostly jazz and acoustic rock/folk listening. These speakers also are a welcome departure from the boxy sound some monitors exhibit. I've found them best driven with tubes or warmer ss.

My mistake.

Thanks guys.

How would you compare the sound to the totem Hawks and Model 1's?
No one out there has any ideas???

I know the Model 1 has less bass than the Rainmakers. But do the Model 1's put out enough bass own their own? How would the Model 1 work in a large room?

How about the hawks? It seems to me that the Rainmaker is kinda like a stand mounted version of the hawk. Fairly forgiving of gear upstream, but has great vocals and good bass extenstion. But just how good are the mids and highs compared to the Model 1's?

How do they all stack up. What should I do?
So many possiblities. I am also having to keep in mind that what ever speaker I purchase I might also have to get new amplification for it.

What the best overall bang for my buck?
The speaker will have to work in both small and large rooms.