advice on choice ot totem rainmakers.

hi, since i am do not have the opportunity to listen to these speakers i need some input/advice. i am using mid fi gear from magnepan mmgs/velodyne/emotiva/pro-ject with room treatments and furman /ps audio power conditioning and all morrow cables. my goal is more engaging listening with improved detail, tone quality, spaciousness.....the usual goal. i have read a lot of good things about totem and can get a pr of rainmakers for 450.00 slightly used. thanks for any info from audiogon readers.
The Rainmaker was not one of Totems best efforts. For Totems, they are very colored sounding.
I would spend your money on a used pair of Totem Sttafs. I have a pair and they sound exceptionally good.
I agree on the Sttaf, and see no advantage to the Rainmakers over the Sttaf. With the Rainmakers you'll need to spend another ~$150-$200 for stands (minimum), and the footprint is equal, if not larger than the Sttaf. The Sttaf is a fantastic sounding speaker and is very reasonably priced on the used market.
thanks for the responses.
See this is why you have to listen to speakers...whenever you can. I went into the Totem dealer to buy some Dream Catchers, based on other reviews, and walked out with the Rainmakers. I absolutely love them. There is something really special about them. I had never even heard of them...but I loved the sound. WhatHiFi has a good review of them that sums up their sound well.

I got Dayton Audio SSMB24 24" Speaker Stands from Parts-Express for less than $70, and they are a perfect fit. I say for $450, you'd be hard pressed to beat them. But that is just an opinion. :-)

Good luck!