Tonearm cable recommendations

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Looking for a cable recommendation for my LP12/Ittok/XX2 MkII to JC-3+
I bought a Jelco branded gold plated din cable with nice RCAs for my Linn Basik/Akito a few years ago and it’s great…uses Mogami Neglex 2534 in a weird pink color. I likely bought it from Ebay as NONE of my local "high end" salons that actually sell Linn tables had tonearm cables in stock…this cable instantly got rid of pretty much any hum issues (there had been issues with the stock cable although not a big deal) and my trusty old Basik was given a new life. Highly recommended.
If you are planning to use a LOMC cartridge and also plan to load the cartridge input on the preamp with a low resistance value then the choice of cable isn't going to be very critical. The main thing you will want to do is to look at the capacitance per foot spec on the cable- its best to keep that value down!

The cable capacitance and the inductance of the cartridge work together to form a tuned Radio Frequency circuit. This circuit can resonate, resulting in RFI (RF Interference) being generated and then applied to the input of your preamp. This can mess with some preamps; this the loading resistor, which detunes the RF circuit.

This is also why you hear differences between cables- its due to how it interacts with the inductance of the cartridge and the RFI that is generated.

Do if you don't plan to load the cartridge and your preamp is sensitive to RFI then you might have to shop for the cable that sounds right. If you load the cartridge, much of the 'sound' of the cable will go away...
Go to and look at the Silver Dragon phono cables.
I like to use the smallest diameter wires and shortest runs for tonearm cable. They will custom make the cables for your installation for about $300 depending on length and terminations. Also consider Grover Huffman.
I bought an audio origami cable to replace the stock cable on my '86 LP12 / Ittok.  Just make sure whatever cables you buy aren't too heavy and are dressed properly so they do not interfere with the suspension.

Belden 1505 F  is 17 pF/ft.   A delicate job though. 

Check the orientation of the Linn connector. You need a right angle plug with Linn.  Nice table.

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Atmosphere thank you for explaining that! I could never figure out why I wasn't getting better sound by replacing a15yr old VdH/SME cable with much more expensive offerings.
The best value tonearm cable and will beat many pricier models is the Furutech AG-12.  extremely well made and sounds great.
The Jelco standard din to rca is a fantastic cable and is quite affordable compared to the ridiculous prices others want for this type of cable.
Another satisfied Audio Origami SOFC cable owner here!

Not cheap but not too spendy either.