Tired of SS amp.

Going back to tubes,the pass x 350 is a great amp but just isint it. Any thoughts on amps.Monos only.Connsidering ?
Cary 211m, Atmasphere Ma 1 mk2,Lamms ml1,Conrad Johnson Pr.5 or 8s.
Steven it's so hard to say without knowing your speakers. If I were to build a system again I would try and buy the amps and speakers together to make sure there was synergy. I have heard the Cary, Atmasphere and CJ but not the Lamm. They are all great in their own way. Any one could be better than the other depending on the speaker. If I were forced to pick, I would say I was most impressed with the Atmasphere. Good luck with your system.
While i'm not real familiar with a lot of different tube gear, i too liked the Atmasphere stuff that i've previously heard.

As to your Pass amp being the problem, i would probably chalk it up more to lack of system synergy than the amp NOT being a fully capable performer. Unless you've literally tried a LOT of various gear and cables with it and your speakers at the heart of the system, you may never find out exactly what makes it tick and how to get it to all blend together. While i'm not saying that you can make something that initially resembles a "dirty diaper" sound good by careful system matching, the results might really surprise you. Sean

Steven, I'm with Sean & Delancey: system matching is paramount. What's the rest of yr gear (speakers, pre)? Incidentally I've heard the Cary & CJ 8s and found the latter more bass heavy than the former --- but, that's no indication of performance in yr system...
Yes i shoulf of mentioned that.
Wasia 861
Synergistic des. ref. IC balanced ,active sheilding
PASS 350
syergistic des.ref. speaker
dunlavys sc4 a,s
I fill the system was solid. Was never fatiqued during listening and usually listen for hours. (not like there is anything on tv)
Tubes just have that life like sound
thanks steve
should of turned on the lights in my office. sorry for the grammer
With your Wadia and your Dunlavy's, another good match is the bat VK60 monos or the new VK150 monoblocks.
It looks to me like you can use a good tube preamp. There are many choices out there. Best of Luck! Gary
In my experience a tube front end (pre-amp) with ss back end (amp) is a wonderful combination. My only experience has been with CJ, I currently have a premiere 17 and am totally satisfied. I replaced a ss pre-amp with the CJ tubed pre-amp while maintaining my ss amp; the results were amazing. I then replaced my ss amp with CJ tubed amp and while the results were good; I felt the pre-amp by far made the biggest improvement. I would recommend that you try a tube pre-amp with the pass amp before replacing the amp.
Rogue 120 Magnum would be a good choice.
I'm quite happy with my Cary sli80 integrated, more than happy, Im in love. (speakers Shearwater HR's)
Try this site for info. http://www.high-endaudio.com/index_he.html
You might also add K.R.s or EAR (519) to the above suggestions. With the latter I preferred a ss front end. Or play around with a very dynamic pre before U get rid of the Pass...
Good luck!
Steve- We have almost the same system. I was using the Wadia 860x to Pass Aleph 2s with Dunlavy 4s. I moved on to BAT VK150se tube monos. The BAT amps have better bass and more extended highs than the Pass Amps, while at the same time easier to listen to for long stretches. I think the cabling synergy can be really important. I have settled for now on Nordost SPM speaker and Quattro Fil interconnect, after trying about 10 other brands.
Hi Ryan, I'm glad you posted a message for Steve. I was just about to suggest to him that he connect with you. Hope you're enjoying the new Bat 150se amps in your system. I'm looking forward to the day I get them hooked up with the Eidolons! Take care, Tom
Look at Aloia. Dunlavy used them at the CES show.Solid state with inductive power supply. I use them with Cantatas and never get tired. Yours should be biamped.Sounds just like tubes but with complete control.I can't tell you how satisfying they are.
Thanks for all your imput.Let me clarify, I have never got tired of listening to the pass, It has put me in bliss many times.
I just miss tubes and want to get back, Iam very interested and am leaning towards the cary 211ms.Of course there is the cool factor, I think the 211,s look cool.
thanks steve
Go for it.I don't think you can ever underestimate the attraction to tubes.They are very sexy and have a primitive old world feel. I compare them to mechanical watches' which have had a huge resurgence just as tubes have.
I looked at the Cary 211- Wow- big bucks!
Steve: Take a hard look at Wolcott Audio. I recently replaced my Rowland amps with the Wolcott mono's. Stunning difference! The P-220M is the best amp I have ever heard. -Jerie
If you are tired of your Pass X350 can I have it? :>)
look at www.balanced.com, if your serious about tubes! the VK75 (formerly VK60) is got to be in the top 5 as far as power amps are concerned.BAT also has great preamps as well.the VK60 I have is great perfomer across the board.check out BAT-you'll be glad you did!
The EAR 534 can be run in mono or stereo - has balanced deisn and ins with adjustable level controls and low maintenance tube design - they really make the Quad 989's do their thing best.
I found the Dunlavy's a hard match with tubes. I replaced Cary-200's and Wolcott mono's with Aloia and got the best control.