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California Audio Labs – Icon Mk II CD Player - HDCD
I had the Cal Icon Mk 2 HDCD with powerboss for years and loved it. I replaced it with an Ayre Cx7eMP which is in another league. The Ayre will be my last CD player purchase. Great player and company and their upgrades are worth it when they make ... 
Another vote for the Vandersteen 2wq. I use one in combination with my Magnepan 3.7i. It blends seemlessly! 
Wilson Sophia vs Usher Mini Dancer II
My room is 14' wide by 26' deep. I'm using the Audio Research 100.2 (solid State) as the amp to drive them (see my system page). I currently have to set up in the room but it is optimized for the Maggies. I use the Kestral 2 as a near field set up... 
Wilson Sophia vs Usher Mini Dancer II
I personally would love to know the answer to your question! I currently have Maggie 3.6's with a Vandersteen 2wq sub and looking to simplify my system by getting a full range speaker that doesn't need a sub for my size room and I've been looking ... 
Is the Harbeth M30.1 an upgrade from the C7ES?
Tobes~ Wondering if you ever tried the Harbeth Super HL5? I've been considering simplifying my system and have been wondering about them. At some point I'll go out to hear them for myself but in the mean time looking for opinions...Thanks! 
Who needs drugs when you've got music?
amen brother! 
what would you do?
Kevin calls them as he's see them. He's always been honest and fair in my book. Long may he run... 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
A young Jane Birkin! Beginning and end of subject: ) 
SS amps as good as the classic ARC 100.2?
I still have my 100.2 and love it: ) 
My Audible Illusions Modulus 3B arrived
SWEET!!! I have a M3a and love it. Do you know if Art still offers an upgrade policy with older Modulus units? I'd love to make the plunge to a 3B, or even a 3L. I heard that there is a line only version of the 3b since I use a outboard phono stag... 
Experienced with Audible Illusions preamps
If you don't mind me asking who did your mods and can I have there contact information... Thanks in advance. Gary 
Remembering Frank Betz
What happened? That's so sad to hear. When I first moved to this area 13 years ago I went up to Soundex and heard some great systems via Frank. Coming from New York it was so refreshing to have his no pressure attitude and well informed views on a... 
Downsizing from Audio Research REF110 to 100.2
If I had a REF110 I certainly would not trade it for a 100.2. Just for the record the 100.2 is anything but tinny... 
Speaker cables for Magnepan MG3.6Rs mid/hi
Nils- That's what I use and I love em... 
New Quicksilver New Audible Illusions Preamps
Jcus- Very cool. Thanks!