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Klipsh near New Hampshire
Heh- leave it to a guy living in the Virgin Islands to help you out- Theres a store in Portland, or I suppose it's actually South Portland, or on the border of Scarborough, that carries Klipsh. It's very close to the Maine Mall, same exit, it's ca... 
John Dunlavy On "Cable Nonsense"
Abe, I don't kmow. I took a long time to come around and be a convert/believer, and actually believe that the price of some wires out there are a good value too. Funny thing, the better my equipment got, the more I heard differences between cables... 
Any cheap but good speakers with bass?
another vote for the cheap PSB's: I picked up a pair of 2B's, from Upscale Audio, factory 2nd's (because of a tiny bubble on the veneer, almost unnoticeable), got 'em for ~$250. (These are for a second system), and the bass is very nice for the pr... 
The most beautiful Integrated Tube amp?
I gotta admit, that Jadis is a gorgeous amp! Love to hear one someday. My Cary is more functional than beautiful, it's true. J 
The most beautiful Integrated Tube amp?
I agree with above. - also see the Cary sli80, beautiful sound and appearance, priced reasonably 
Cary 303 CD - Very Detailed - Fixes?
Radni, mine too. I assume that's the case with all of them, but I'm not sure. can't complain though, great sound for the $$. 
opinions on Coincident vs. HT Pro9
oh, a description? oh yeah, sorry. They sound great! :-) But seriously, I'd have to say neutral, clear, open, dynamic. I get much better imaging too, my speakers have finally completely disappeared. Maybe nobody has bothered to describe them with ... 
opinions on Coincident vs. HT Pro9
I've also heard that Mr Blume is not a fan of biwiring. ALthough, the CST1 does come in biwire as an option. My set is a 10' biwire, not sure about the TRS. 
Best Sax Jazz
Duh, typical, I forgot one of my FAVORITE musicians of all time, who happens to be a tenor player- DEWEY Redman. Gundam91, please check out the infinite sea of beauty and insight from which came the young, developing Josh Redman. 
opinions on Coincident vs. HT Pro9
Khan, I can't offer too much help. My experience is quite limited, due to location, I'm stranded on a tiny rock out in the South Atlantic with no audio salons nearby, I'm lucky to find decent beer, let alone cables. I was replacing an inferior cab... 
opinions on Coincident vs. HT Pro9
Yeah I've had the CST power cords for a couple months now. One on the Cary CD303 and one on the sli80. I was amazed at how they really did improve things, but it took time! I had forgotten about them after a while, but then couldn't figure out why... 
opinions on Coincident vs. HT Pro9
Wow! I got the Coincidents. Oh yeah. Beautiful wires, nicely put together, big thick spades, top notch. Anyway, 'right out of the box' as they say, they are better than my DH Labs T14, (which kept me happy for a long time, until I got better equip... 
Tube amps... what is so great about 'em
I'm not sure about ML's due to power requirements, but.. It's funny you should ask- I just put together a system for my girlfriend, and had a chance to substitue a nice solid state amp, (Bryston,60W), which is going into her "budget system" to com... 
Best tube integrated--Cary SLI-80, or?
Marchman,Moving on already? Wow. Well, good luck, let me know how things go. I think if/when I step up again, it'll be another Cary product. Let me know if you wind up with some extra 7308's and/or 6SN7's kicking around you'd like to get rid of :)... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Jordan Hall. you're making me drool! I'm stuck half a world away, ahhhh to be there