Tightening Driver Screws

Every time I gently tighten the screws on my speaker drivers, I am quite surprised how effective it is. After about 1 1/2 years, I found about 15% were fully tight, 65% were slightly loose, and 20% were quite loose. Starting to fear I may have to look for the brass screws that some recommend.
Try a dab of lok tight...
don't make it habitual. you don't need it more than once in couple of years.
Over tightening could eventually lead to stripping. Also one needs to be careful when using metal screwdrivers close to strong magnets, one slip could lead to torn drivers.
Thanks for the suggestions. Was quite scared and very careful. Was surprised how loose a few were, and yes, I tightened very very gently...
The (main) reason the screws/bolts loosen up on drivers -- particularly on woofers and larger mid-range drivers, where the screws go deep into the baffle (or all the way through it, in the case of bolts-into-T-nuts,) is because the wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity through the seasons. And particle board seems to be most prone to this kind of expansion/contraction.

If your speakers are fastened to a particle board baffle with wood screws, you'd be wise to replace them with bolts-and-T-nuts, because you can only re-tighten screws in particle board a few times before you strip out the holes ;~)
Some speakers are glued in but use screws to lock the drivers in position but have no further use when the glue dries. Forcing one of those screws to turn is likely to break the mastic and damage the speaker. Caution for those audiophiles looking for better sound by tightening the drivers
Don't want to argue. Testing for loose screws is worthwhile.
Check mine periodically. Wouldn't want to locktight. Those drivers will keep drivin, and wood/particle board will compress, over time. Don't tighten too hard. Snug, play,resnug after a week or 2. Your efforts will result in longer and longer gaps before tightening is required, and you get the feel of things. Enjoy.
Simple free tweak that really does sound better, if they are really loose it can significantly improve the sound
Thought I’d resurrect this worthwhile old thread. I have found this to be true on virtually every speaker I have owned. I disagree about doing it every two weeks as someone mentioned above, but once every 2 years is about right. I also don’t agree that it is strictly or even primarily about the expansion/contraction of mdf - over 40 years in the hobby and I have found that tweeters rarely get loose, and I have found that woofers get loose even on Wilson speakers which are made from materials designed not to expand or contract. It’s about the movement of the woofers, and it cannot be avoided. Be gentle and be VERY careful of the powerful magnets which can rip the tool from your hands. I would NOT recommend Loktite or any other foreign substance or modification (such as bolts instead of screws) unless you are confident that you can reverse it without consequence. Such modifications WILL alter the sound of your speakers in unpredictable ways, while merely snugging up the drivers every couple of years should be considered ordinary maintenance that will keep your speakers sounding like new.