Tidal and Streaming player

I just started playing with Tidal Hifi and wow.  I have been out of this for 10 years and I am impressed.  Now I am thinking about getting a streaming player that has the capacity to store songs as well.

I saw the Bluesound stuff and liked it but what are the real options out there on a budget like the Bluesound?
I do like the possibility of the having a built in amp like the Powernode.
Yamaha and other AVRs have their own streaming/whole home applications similar to Bluesound.  It may depend on the other needs in your system.  If you need or want an AVR, you might consider them.
  I have a Bluesound Vault 2 in my 2 channel system, the Node 2 in my surround system ( the Node doesn't play in surround), and the Pulse Mini in my kitchen.  It is great to be able to move around the house listening to music but the Pulse Mini  was not a good deal--$500 for a glorified boom box.  So I wouldn't consider Bluesound Powernode
Go to iTunes and download the Onkyo HF player
now you can stream TIDAL and play your downloads in hi-Rez 24/96
The DAC in the Bluesound is pretty good for the price, but I opted for just the Node (now discontinued, so available for less), and output to my Schiit DAC.
The Bluesound gives me whole house connectivity, while the Schiit Dac's give better sound output.
TIDAL MASTERS showed up on my LUMIN D1 today . Now streaming @ 48Khz , 24 bit, 2.304 Mbps . 526 albums available ,27 of which are favorites. Improvement not subtle . Even if treble too hot sometimes-still very enjoyable . Major binge session in progress.
In my opinion and I did a ton of research. And searched awards the             Aurender 100-H
Is a great player and has several features no other player has. I bought at Galen carol audio good guy ,great service. For one memory it has a 120Gigabyte Solid state drive ,No other competitors have this at under $2500 .their us a 2Terabyte hard drive ,No mivjng parts Solid stste all in buffer ,plus external for another drive . A Linear power supply 
For very low noise. Excellent sounding over 1gig Ethernet,and the Excellent 
Even problem solving just email a request weighs over 10 lbs not all plastic 
Like some processor stays cool through nice heatsinks both sides.
The Aurender 100- H has won many awards well worth it.
Thanks everyone again.  What Schiit DAC do you have gdnrbob??

I am really starting from scratch on equipment and knowledge. Perhaps as suggested I just using my outgoing iPhone 6 plus with an Onkyo HF player into a Dac and choose my amp?

All I have now is speakers an old AVR and a CD player.  I stepped away from audio for 10 years.  I am only currently looking for 2 channel.

I want it to be simple and satisfying.  I am not at all looking for the holy grail system.
I was reading about the ifi Sterio 50 integrated amp that might be up your ally. It's  I believe 25wc tube integrated amp with one of ifi's great built in DACs,phono stage, wifi streaming pritty much everything to get you started for $1500. It's getting great reviews. 
I looked at most of these music servers and decided on the Auralic Aries for my audio room and the Auralic Mini for my living room. Fantastic user interface and sound. I thought the SSD in the arenders is a gimmick and it didn't offer anything more than the Auralic. Actually, the Auralic servers have been getting really good reviews too.

Thanks glennewdick. That thing looks interesting to say the least. I will read up on it. I am not 100% the amp section would be enough for my actual ls3/5a but mine are the Stirling broadcast V2 which are easier to drive. Hmmm. I once had quad el84 monoblocks and they were great. This little guy is just a pair per channel.

This guy did a pretty nice review of it.