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Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
 Absolutely.  “Information is not knowledge.Knowledge is not wisdom.Wisdom is not truth.Truth is not beauty.Beauty is not love.Love is not music.Music is THE BEST.”   Frank Zappa 
Corona playlist- time to smile
The Knack - My Corona 
Has Anyone Uesed A PrimaLuna Amp With Harbeth Speaker's
I left CJ ss  for PrimaLuna and never looked back.  Running PL Prologue Premium tube-rectified pre-amp w/Prologue Premium mono-amps EL-34s  to Compact 7ES-3s. 2yrs no desire to upgrade.    Just considering KT-77s for experiment.  
Should I buy a new cd player or DAC or both or neither?
2nd the Cambridge CXC. I found big improvement matched with new Wyred4Sound Dac1v2.  
Tidal subscription discounts
To get vet discount - I just had to e-mail pic of DD-214. Thx again Tidal. 
Looking for a new dac-need opinions from the community
Lovin’ my Wyred4Sound DAC1v2 at ~50 hrs. Haven’t heard DAC 2v2 -probably great. 
I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?
The PL tube cages turned me off for years until I saw one real . I bought a demo Prologue Premium integrated then upgraded to Prologue Premium pre-amp and Prologue Premium mono-amps. Very happy  
Best Jazz pianist
Monty Alexander 
Choices narrowed Rogue RP-1 and Primaluna Prologue Premium Preamps
I went with Prologue Premium pre-amp and Prologue Premium mono-amps from local dealer after first try from Upscale Audio. Well worth the wait. Tube- rectified was attractive feature. 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Cambridge CXC  w/Wyred4Sound DAC1v2 . 
Wyred4Sound DACII VS. Wadia Di 122 Which DAC? Help!
Haven’t heard Wadia . I’m thrilled with my Wyred4Sound DAC1v2 with femto clock upgrade . Huge improvement over dac in LUMIN D1 streamer . 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
2nd the Harbeths . Completely satisfied 1 yr now with Compact 7ES-3s . Still love the traditional look. I had Fortes in the late 80s- good looking but harsh sound with state of CD/digital back then. 
Best Tube/SS Amps for Harbeth 7ES-3
A little over your budget. I upgraded to PrimaLuna Prologue Premium pre-amp and Prologue Premium mono amps  . 70W/ch EL-34 tubes. With 7ES-3s getting plenty dynamics, bass, tube glory without the ripeness that can blur resolution and transient att... 
Choosing tube power amp
Couldn't be happier with my PL Prologue Premium mono-blocks. EL-34 based .  
Too many tube amps
I left $10k worth of CJ gear for $6.5k worth of PL - not missing CJ at all.  Totally content with Prologue Premium pre-amp +mono-blocks running EL-34s into Harbeth compacts 7ES-3s. still playing with 8 vs 4 ohm taps. The CJ ET3se was a PITA ime. T...