Threshold SA/4E or Pass X-250??

Any one had a chance to spend time with these two amps? What opinions have you formed? I will be driving either Harbeth SHL5s or Harbeth 40.1s with either of them. I am mainly wondering what sonic differences i might hear? Thanks for any help.
Not Familiar with the Theshold, but the Pass X-250 is a newer design, more up to date.It was suppose to be the best sounding amps in the original X Series. It is not a warm sounding amp, but with a good tube preamp, I don't think there is much better out there used. The 250.5 would be better. I own the X150 with a Supratek preamp and couldn't be happier. Pass amps are also underated a lot. My X150 (rated 150 watts a channel) puts out around 250 watts before clipping. Your speakers I believe tend toward warmth anyway.
The x250 should be more than suficient. I have owned many amps, and my X150 the best I have heard.
Thanks for the info. I might hold out and try and get one of the 250.5s. The Threshold I have heard and it is something special. But it is very old, and runs very hot.
The Threshold I have heard and it is something special. But it is very old, and runs very hot.
this is normal for this sort of amp - biased in pure class-A. I believe that the heatsink fins get somewhere in the 52-54C range, which is by design.
I was thinking more in terms of my room getting hot (and me) :(
If you're still considering the Threshold, you may want to get some of the power supply parts upgraded/replaced as electrolytics age. I'm still running an old Threshold S/500 and love it.
I'm going to bring the Threshold home for an audition. I'll post my opinions compared to the Manley Snappers i have here now.
Any idea on a ballpark number the cost of replacing power supply caps?
I'd suggest getting in contact with Jon Soderberg of Vintage Amp Repair:
Thanks Unsound. I called and he gets in around 8:30 my time tonight so i will call him back. Also called and talked to Threshold about the cost of a basic rebuild and re-bias of the amp. I Hope the SA/4e does as well with my Harbeths as it did with the Thiels when I heard it.
I can't speak for the Harbeths, but I do share your enthusiasm for Threshold with Thiels. Best of luck.
As nice as the amp was with the Thiels, didnt work out to great with the Harbeths. I will keep listening until I sell it, in case I change my mind. But will probably try either the Pass or one of the McCormack amps after I recover my $$$
While I'm not a big fan of the Harbeths, I'd hazard a guess that a McCormack might a better fit with them. Best of luck.
Hello Tom,

Could you voice why your threshold did not work for you ,did you have Jon perform any mods?