Aragon 8008BB vs Threshold T200. What to choose??

I have both of them and try to pick one.

What would you recommend? Prices are really close.
both are superb...if the condition of the threshold is great, it may well be the one to hold its value in the future..some think to t200 is as good as it gets for ss. the aragon is also great, but for some reason, gets overlooked by collectors....that said, if you plan to keep, go for condition
You "H-A-V-E" both of them??? Just listen and decide for yourself!
I've owned some relatively expensive amps and in retrospect, have realized that the 8008BB is all the amp most folks need. It's that good IMHO. While I understand where Jaybo is coming from as far as depreciation, I think either one has already taken most of the hit it'll ever take.
I will never get rid of either T200 simply since I KNOW my amps are not a part of any problem in my system.
They are in almost identical condition. The Aragon has packaging and manual and Threshold does not. Personally I like Aragon more because of the bass performance. Threshold has better trebles. Ideal combination for bi-amping, but I have to keep just one. Most people I talked think the Treshold is a better choice but I really like Aragon more.
given the aragon's mint condition and superb sound,,,there you go
If you like the Aragon more, keep it. Both are great amps and will do justice to a very good system. Personal preference should be decisive here.
Since I own a s450/e Threshold and the Aragon 8008BB, making a decision like that is akin to asking a parent to decide which child to give up for adoption. Okay, I'm just talking about children who haven't hit those nasty teenage years. JK.
I own an Acurus A-200 wich i bought on a friend's recommendation, now i have the chance to buy the Aragon 8008BB at a good price, is the Aragon worth the extra expense over the Acurus? any advice will be appreciated.
Aragon 8008BB is very good amp. It is Krell designed and it has very good bass and details.I am not familiar with Acurus but it seems like Aragon will be step worward.
I got my for $1000 in near mint woth box. It was not durty cheap but decent. I still can not choose between Aragon and Threshold. As I got Linn Sondeck, I found Threshold is more musical and pleasant to listen but
Aragon deliveres better bass.
Hi Anmurash

Choose one or the other and try to get cablings that'll help compensate for the selected amp's inherent shortcoming. "Musical" I think is the key word here. Find a nice interconnect that'll bring out the bass from the Threshold. If not enough augment with subwoofer down the road. Good bass but lacking in musicality is a no-win situation in my opinion.

For muslcality and also good bass, soundstage which amplifier would you recommend , my budget is 2.5K to 3K .
I am sorry my budget is under 1.5K. The only amp I listened in your range was KRELL KSA 250. I compared it to my Aragon and it owerperformed Aragon in any aspect. Just amazing sound. It has only one issue: 0% of wifes approval.
Thank you i'll try to find a Krell dealer to audition one, any other suggestions ?