Anyone heard the Threshold S/5000e?

I recently read a glowing review (Soundstage) on the Threshold S/5000e (250wpc) amp. The reviewer likes it better than most anything he had heard under $5k (it sells for $2500). As I am in the market for a new amp, the review caught my attention. Anyone else hear this amp? What were your impressions? I have an EE Minimax preamp that would probably pair well with a detailed, transparent SS amp. Thanks!

Auditioned one (already burned in) for a week or so.

Basically, it was like the reviewer said "really good solid state". Did nothing really special, but did nothing really bad (glare, grit etc) either. Would put it in the same class as the Bryston SST amps.

It lacked the "harmonic overtones" or "tube-like" naturalness that I have gotten to like. Solid state amps that give me more than a hint of that are ARC 100.2, Vecteur, and H20Audio to name a few.

There's a whole plethora of amps that sound worse to me than the Threshold, but that is another conversation.

IMHO & YMMV . . .