Any one familiar with the Threshold Aduio DAC1e

I am looking at getting a Threshold DAC1e. I currently own a PS Audio DL3, and dont think it plays to my expectations. The PS DAC is quiet, dark, and some what restrictive in the highs. The Threshold offers 4 1 bit dacs, and balanced outputs, which should integrate nicely into my Classe system. I was having a hard time finding any information about this product on the internet, and was hoping someone might have some first hand experience with one......Thanks!
Keith I think I use to sell this unit maybe 10yrs ago..It was a 1 bit dac..Most at that time were multi-bit and many used the Ultra Analog dac'c like in the PS Audio Ultra Link..The Threshold as I remember it was quite a suprise because it was a 1 bit dac..I remember this piece being very dynamic with lotsa slam and a very large and quiet stage..Much to do with the power supply I would quess. This piece would really show up differences in digital cables..Tom
Thank you Tom for your feed back. I have located one in my area at a high end shop. My audio consultant has spoken very highly of the piece, and noted that its 4 1 bit dacs do a great job at processing data, and keeping things quiet. I am very happy to get a second opinion on this, and I thank you very much for your input.