Thoughts on Coda gear? Any Coda owners out there?

Hey guys!!

Alright! I've owned Coda gear for some time now; and have loved it!! It has all of the trademarks of Krell, and Classe gear, at a slightly lower price, slightly.... I think the build quality and parts quality are second to none! But I never hear about Coda in the audio news, nor do I see any furher advancements in model release other than the genberation 3 gear which came out last year.

Does anyone out there use Coda gear, and am happy with it like I am? Or am I only one of the few? I noticed that you don't see alot for sale; my thinking is that people like it so much, they keep it!?

Any thoughts, views or feedback from current or former Coda owners please advise.


I Own a Coda-Continuum Stage+ amp that pushes my Maggies with no problem, never breaks a sweat. It is the best amp that I have owned easilly surpassing the Odyssey Stratos that it replaced among others. Nice controlled bass, very musical for a SS amp. Great build quality, a 1.4KVa transformer, 100,000uf of caps, doubles the wattage at decreasing ohms points, stable to a fraction of an ohm, high amper head room, in other words, built like a tank and can drive any speaker. One of the best bargins for amps. Can you tell that I really, really like it?
I used to own a Continuum pre, Coda's more affordable gear. I liked it very much, as it was quite neutral. Nice build quality, except the dopey membrane-keyed remote. One note - Coda is really focusing it's attention on Innersound products now, excellent gear as well. As a result, Coda and Continuum are only sold factory direct now (if I'm not mistaken). Coda is a sleeper brand that has been overlooked.
I haven't owned many amps, but the Coda 11 in the system I'm using now sounds better than previous systems I've used w/Perreaux and Bedini amps, (I really liked the 100/100 mk II). A close friend who is using a Levinson 27 expresses big appreciation for the 11 on a regular basis. It seems like the 11 doesn't run as hot as alot of other class A amps. Anyone out there know why? Like the other guys above, I like the amp alot. I've heard more expensive amps in systems that IMO fell far short of the one here w/the Coda. This doesn't mean that the Coda 11 beats those more expensive amps. Sorry if this is remedial, but you don't listen to an amp or any other component by itself. When you put on a recording, it's played through a system (and an acoustic environment) where alot of variables influence the perception of sonic excellence or lack thereof. Anyway, the Coda stuff is good and it's probably cheaper used than some other brands that aren't as good.
Another fan of CODA here. I used to own a 10.5, sold it here on Audiogon, and regret it. I really enjoyed that amp, and didn't appreciate it until it was gone. I think for used prices, that amp was better than any other that I've had in the same price range.
I had a Continuum Stage+ for a while. I sold it on audiogon. I've been sorry ever since. Coda makes absolute top flight gear - high class A bias - sounds just super! I wish the guy I sold mine to would sell it back to me for the same amount!

Now I have a pair of Parasound HCA2200 mkII running as pseudo-monos. I have more slam, but that's all. The Continuum was a better amp than my Parasounds, better than a McCormack 0.5, better than Arcam fmj, better than nOrh LeAmps. Warm with slam and finesse to spare... and that was just the Continuum line.

Should have been a keeper.... my bad.
When Threshold went under where did all the people go???


The Legacy amps are made by Coda.
Jeff, not all the Threshold people went to CODA. One very important one went to Pass Labs. I owned a Model 02b preamp, Model 10 and a Model 20 amps in the early 90's. I really liked them, very solid amps. They don't have a real weakness. I left them for a while when I fell for the warmth of a Classe CA-200 for a couple years, but I eventually tired of the touch of darkness. I still use a Classe preamp though. Currently I'm using a Threshold T400, which sounds much like the CODA's, as I remember them. I think the T400 has a tad more sparkle in the highs (not bright by any stretch of the imagination though), but has the same smooth midrange and solid bass as the CODA equipment. All in all, CODA is a very good value, and I still recommend it highly.

I've owned a Continuum Window, Coda 2B and and 01p preamps over the years as well as the Continuum Stage + amps. Everything was solid and neutral. I traded my two Stage + amps towards a Model 20.5 over a year ago and it is the best amp I've ever had in my system. It drives my Apogee ribbon speakers with authority and control.

The company stands behind it's products and you can call and actually talk to technical people. You can get answers to your questions and as well as advice and recommendations about using their products.

They have excellent sounding products, extrememly well built and serious support. That is a rare combination.
I own a Coda S100 amplifier. I actually bought it for my wife's system. I found a good deal on the used S100 while I was auditioning a pair of big Parasound Halo monoblocks, (JC-1's?). After listening to all of the amps, I sent the Halos back to the dealer, put the S100 in my system, and bought my wife another used Coda amp.

The S100 is the first solid state amp I've owned that didn't make me feel like I was trading the musicality of tube gear for more power and control. The S100 is simply the best amp I've ever heard, and I've heard some "jewelry" class units. The only caveat I'd give the big Coda amps is that you are cheating yourself unless you put them on dedicated electrical circuits, especially the Class A amps. They need an ample supply of A/C power if you push them. Give them what they need, and you will be rewarded with wonderful sound.

Strengths: (1)build quality, (2)great sound, and (3)good factory support.

Weaknesses: (1)Not much dealer support that I know of, which is a pain if you are on the East Coast. (Fortunately, Coda gear is very reliable.) (2)Some of the larger Coda amps weigh over 100 pounds. Have a friend handy, if you need to move one.
I own a Coda 11 that I use to drive Acoustat speakers. I'll abide by all comments made here. This one is a keeper. I would buy another one right now to try in monoblock configuration.

No a lot of info is available on Coda and I think it is for one single reason : they do not sell through dealers in North America but directly to customers. So obviously audio magazines will not write numerous reviews and surely dealers will mute themselves on this brand. They've got distributors though in other countries.