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Yamaha CX-10000 centennial preamp
1987 retail was $7500, bluebook used average is $1580. Great link, what a tank. Do you like the sonics? 
Best low priced transport
Meridian 500, Theta Pearl. 
whats your idea of loud music.
I've always considered loud to be when I start having trouble hearing myself talk.I've never run into a conservative dealer. The good ones set you up in a room by yourself and let you have at it solo. 
Dipole Speakers In Wall or On Wall? Thoughts??
A customer of mine stuck a pair of Magnepan 20.1 into a wall with huge foamed coves behind them. They sound decent but the recessed install robbed them of the Maggie magic. When dipoles can't radiate the out of phase waves into the listening space... 
Looking for a good phono preamp solid state...
I'll second the Aragon 47k. Even with the stock power supply it's a real performer, with the IPS it shines. A friend of mine sent his Klyne phono pre back for factory upgrades after hearing my stock 47k in his system. 
If it's snowing, I'm going
Rain on the valley floor today but skiffs in the Tetons above 9000'.Snow King just started blowing snow at the base today. No action at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - the Village.Two hour lunch breaks at the King during the week and the Village al... 
Thoughts on Plasma, LCD, DLP and which way to go
I use LCD because I got a good deal and don't watch much TV. LCD still doesn't do black well and will pixelate with a bad signal. DLP is good for cheaper big screen where space is not as big of an issue. Plasma is great small screen and great big ... 
Inexpensive PC's? Blue Circle 61 Power Cords?
BC products are great. You might also consider Moon Audio. I've had excellent results with their Green Dragon PC on my digital front end. 
Audio Prism or Enacom line filters
I use Quietlines too to augment the Tice conditioner in my system. They aren't that expensive and well worth the investment. 
Johnny Cash cd's
There are remastered versions of "Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison" and "Johnny Cash At San Quentin" available on CD. 
Best upgrade option for this system?
I used to own a GTP-400. It is most certainly masking the sonic capabilities of your Bryston. I'd try a different pre and use the GTP-400 as a tuner. 
noise thru tube pre??
Wow, a lot of valve love in the room.You've got a great hybrid preamp. I like the suggestions above. Go with something new and reliable to start, then roll into some NOS later. With only one valve, you can afford top notch NOS. 
kr audio-help
Contact Jond. 
This might be a stupid question,,but
Audioengr (Steve):Thanks for the link to you're white paper. Ironically, I have a 75ohm cable I took in trade that I've been holding on to for DAC experimentation down the road and it is 1.5 meters (HT Cyber-Link Platinum). Cool beans.Raytheprinte... 
This might be a stupid question,,but
I thought 1.5 meters was the "maximum" recommended length for digital cables.