Thiel CS1.7 loudspeaker

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anyone else here stoked about the re-designed Thiel CS1.7 loudspeaker? Shipping begins next month.
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It's both innovative and very good looking and hopefully still very well made now that the man behind the brand is gone.... we'll all miss him for sure!

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I already contacted John Atchison of Stereophile, to place a suggestion for an upcoming review!
What is the price?

It was a pretty big price jump from the 2.4 to the 2.7.
I think the 1.7 replaces the 1.6, and will cost a lot more.
"I think the 1.7 replaces the 1.6, and will cost a lot more."

I am sure, seems like used 2.4 would be a lot better deal. At $3000 used price. The 2.4s perform way out of their price range when compared to new speaker prices.
A local audio "salon" has the last "new from the factory" 1.6s and although they've priced them pretty high it's comforting to know they're out there as I like the way they sound...I have seen used 1.6's pricing all over the place so I'll just lurk until I can nab a pair on the cheap.

according to reports, the new CS 1.7 does in fact replace the 1.6 model. Price is suggested at $5495.

Any of you guys own the 1.6?
I want a 1.6...on my short list of audio wants. I will someday liberate one from somewhere...I mean two...I want two.
I am not sure what the final price of the 1.6 was, but at $5495, the 1.7 is basically twice the price of the 1.6. That is a huge jump and leaves a real gap at the "entry" level. The SCS4T is something like $3,700 and I do not believe it has been very well accepted. I have a pair of 1.6 as the fronts in my home theater, but at $5,495 I would have definitely looked elsewhere. I paid $2,200 5 years ago.
I agree, that is very ambitious pricing!
Yeah too much money for a speaker with a 6.5" bass driver... I like my bass.

Anyone looking into these should try and demo/buy a used pair of 2.4s before they are all gone.
The 1.6 was maybe $2300 new? I've seen 'em used in perfect shape for far want the outriggers because it's the only way to get them to sound like Polynesian canoes.
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I am not certain about the customer capture segment for the SCS4T. Hopefully, the new CEO will stick to the CS 1.7, 2.7 and 3.7 loudspeaker lines!
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where are you located?
Near Boston. If you're coming over let me know so I can clean the place up a little.
Have any of you guys seen this speaker in your local shop?
I'm not "stoked" about the suggested price.
It is all relative -Unsound. Upon release of the CS1.6, at that time, the suggested price was $2300.
The 1.7's sound amazing, really, really nice. BUT, the price is quite high... and the problem Thiel will have is that they've been making great speakers for years. At that list price (and the market price will more than likely be very close as well... you rarely get much of a discount on Thiel's), and if you don't mind used, you can get some amazing Thiel speakers... 2.4's would definitely be within that price range. I guess you could get both 3.6's and maybe some CS5 and CS6 as well, but now you would been a different space for them...

And that's only within the Thiel range... the higher price of the 1.7's will add quite a different group of competitive products into the mix...
Audiojan - so you have the official list price? Is it the $5,495 posted above?
The list price is not officially released, so everything at this point is somewhat of a guess. All media coverage so far has a price just shy of $5500, so I think we can assume that the price will around that.

My post was based upon that assumption.

Thanks! for sharing. Where did you hear the new 1.7 ?
I'm waiting for my local shop with the remaining NOS 1.6s to have the "Thiel Blow Out Sale,"
Not a bad idea, Wolf. I have thought about picking up a pair of the 1.6's myself. Have you ever auditioned the 2.4?
Never heard the 2.4...I'm very happy with the sound of my current Silverline Preludes, but I'd like something more interesting to look at for my next speakers...the zebra ebony 1.6s just look great, and I do like smaller speakers...I use a REL sub.
Right On! Wolf. Those Silverline speakers are nice indeed.
By using a REL sub, you are using the best sub in the business!

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An update for those interested in this speaker;

40+ pairs will ship to dealers/retailers next week.
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The best update from Thiel;
during CES 2013, a suggested price was set @ $5495.
I just received an update from Thiel's customer service that reported the previous figure was incorrect. An introductory price for the CS 1.7 is now under $4K.
This is going to be an outstanding value!

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I must be getting old. I have a hard time wrapping my head around a 1 series Thiel costing in excess of $3K.
@Jafant,how can that be, the SC4T costs that much. I hope you are right, maybe the SC4T is getting a price cut too. The new Thiel management are making the right moves.
Those NOS 1.6s are looking better and better.
Called Thiel and confirmed the price of the CS1.7s $3999, pretty awesome for what you get. Can't wait for the reviews to come out.

The SCS4Ts may or may not be discontinued.
With the 2.7 at $7999, the prices have certainly gone up. The SCS4T always seemed like a temporary fill in product.
If 2.7 is under 8k then the management has taken a hatchet to the prices of the whole product line. Sad to see the scs4t go. Would have been interesting to see it with a cs3.7 midrange driver on a scs4t.t
Right On! guys. it would appear that the new CEO is thinking outside of the 'box' w/ competitive prices.
Both CS 1.7 & CS 2.7 are a great bargain, respectively.
I have not looked at the 1.6, 2.4 prices is a couple of years, but it seems like the 1.7 price is a big increase from the 1.6 and the 2.7 is a big increase from the 2.4 The 1.6 was in the mid $2s and the 2.4 in the mid $4s last I looked. Looks like big price increases to me. I have not heard either of the new speakers so I cannot comment on how they compare to speakers in their comparable price ranges. But it seems like their entry level real floor stander is now $4K. That seems like a big change to the product line.
NOS 1.6s are selling for around $2700 or so depending on the cabinet finish...used ones seem to be all over the map from maybe $600 to $1200. 4 grand sticks the 1.7 in a very competitive zone...PMC, Usher, Focal, etc., all have some bitchen' speakers in that price range.
I see things the same way as Dtc (Depository Trust Company?). What once was the entry level line is now selling for more than what the top of the line once cost.
Years ago, my short list was reduced to Thiel CS 2's and the Vandersteen 2's. I spent a little(!) more and went with the Thiels. My old memory might be waning, but it seems as though the original Thiel CS 1's have about quadrupled in price, the original Thiel CS 2'shave about quintupled in price, and the original Vandersteen 2's have about doubled in price. At the current proposed pricing, I'm not so sure I would make the same choice. Of course I haven't heard the latest 1 series Thiels, but those Vandersteen 2's are sure looking like a bargain at the moment.
Well Crutchfield has the 2.7 listed for around $10,000 a pair. I still like my 2.4s and also like the 3.7s but at 10k I don't see the 2.7 selling.

If you can afford 10k you can afford 13 and that is a no brainier. Now at 13k there are lots of great speakers and thiel, while very good does not stand out. They just need a little more bass for my tastes and I keep looking at Wilsons and Revels. Wilsons with better bass and Revels with better highs and bass while the thiels have the best coherence (put the wilsons to shame) and great mids as a total package the other brands have appeal...

Hopefully the above post of 8k for the 2.7 is real and not a rumor.
I got the $8K price for the 2.7 from the new review in the absolute sound. That figure is in the text and in the specs section. I also looked at the Crutchfield price and it is indeed $9,900. I also say the $9,900 price in other places. Someone posted the discrepancy on the Thiel website, since Thiel referernces the review. Hopefully they will respond. Not sure what to believe currently. Either one seems high as a replacement for the 2.4.
I dunno. I think the Thiel 3,7s at 13k are a great bargain. I ended up getting a pair of SS2.2s to augment it for the low end so now they sound great and are full range down to 20Hz as well.
I called Thiel. The current price is $9,900 but will drop shortly to $8,000. It seems like they initially set the price at $9,900 and then had second thoughts. I think the same thing happened with the 1.7.
Doggiehowser - I agree that the 3.7 is worth that price, although I believe it is up $3K since introduction. And maybe the 1.7 and 2.7 will also be worth their prices. I am just concerned that they have jumped the price so much and left a hole at the entry level.
Many Thanks! All for your input. I hope to demo both the CS 1.7 & CS 2.7 soon!

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For those interested;
have any of you guys auditioned this speaker at your local retailer/dealer?

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Hi guys, FYI, I'm running a special sale on all new in box Thiel speakers.
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Thanks! Audio2Cool. Where are you located?
Lakeway, TX, thanks
Many Thanks! Audio2Cool.

do you have any CS2.4SE models? If so, what are the serial #'s ?