Thiel 1.6's or Quad 22L's ? Opinions Please.

I've pretty much decided to stay away from planers for my music listening tastes(electric blues.classic rock) my short list if the Thiel 1.6's and Quad 22L's. I'd like some opinions on these 2 choices. Current amp is a Rotel 1070 integrated and cd is soon to arrive Cary 308. I like a dynamic, lively sound-not quite Klipsch lively though.
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the quads are gonna give you the best music here. they are also not as fussy, should you decid to replace the rotel at some point with tubes or other ss. polite, but not so polite that they can't rock.
In my opinion, Rotel and Thiel will be very bright. Some call that dynamic and lively but I consider it painful. The Cary is a nice piece. I've never heard a a non-electrostatic Quad that did anything for me.
The Thiels take more power to open them up if you listen loud and the outriggers do help. Beautiful build quality. This is a honey of a speaker in Thiels line. These probably take as much power as Magnepan 1.6's but will play a little louder.

The Quad's are really nice sounding when pulled into the room and away from the back wall. They are easier to drive.
Thanks, I think both have similar sound from what I read. I think the Rotel has enough oomph to drive the Thiels. The quads give great bang for the buck and can be had for less on the used market.
Not to knock the rotel (I like them) but, it won't have enough power to do what you need. Both speaker choices are great but are power hungry. The 1.6's need wayyyy more power to ever have any bass or volume.
On a positive note: You will get a bigger, more open soundfield with the quads. The maggies tend to sound great only from the "sweet spot" and nowhere else. The quads will be more foregiving. Will you be listening only from one chair?
Narrod is right. The Rotel and Thiels will be a bright combo. I would say beyond Lively. If you are keeping that amp, I would suggest the Quads.

Friends don't let friends have Bright systems...

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I've played my 1.6's with ARC VT-100 Mk-III and my current Sony STR-DA1000ES HT receiver (90 watts/ch @ 4 ohms).
I don't think they are bright at all.
Although not what I would call a "super speaker" (Thiel 7.2, Wilson Maxx), they are totally satisfying for the type of listening I do.
They are very coherent and neutral at normal to lively volumes (I can't crank them in my current dwelling).
I was trying out 5 channel HT for the first time with the second "Riddick" movie (no subwoofer) and was amazed at the quantity and quality of bass I was hearing in my medium sized room (14 X 14) from 2 six-inch woofers! Good stuff...
Thanks for the great input. My listening is generally confined to one sweet spot about 8-9' from the speaker plane. I've heard so many good things about the Thiels that they do interest me. I live a bit off the beaten path so live auditions are tough.That's why i solicite comments from my fellow 'Goners. Great input and thanks.
That's interesting. I guess the rotel is considered bright sounding. However, I hear the Thiels need lots of power to sound good an are not an easy load for many amps. Opinions? I'm also considering a sterling pair of 2.2's on 'Gon.
Beernut hit the nail on the head...the Quads have a very live, dynamic sound...with amazing bass(I always like kevlar cone bass)...for your music will be very happy...I had a pair of 12ls a couple of years ago...good luck...
I have Thiels 1.6 with Stingray(50 watts tube). Plenty of power as the Thiels are 92 db. Used Rotel for a while and it was fine but I like the soundstage bettter with the Stingray. Most 'audiophiles' always claim that Thiels are bright and need lots of power. This is not true with the small 1.6. Very good speakers.
Also take a look at the new Monitor Audio RS6...!
I have Thiel 2.4 & 1.6 in HT. I use rotel 1080 for 1.6 as rear channel but I have hooked it up to drive 2.4. Rotel 1080 (200W per channel into 8ohm, ?W into 4ohm) is enough power for both 2.4 & 1.6. The combo is not bright when fed directly from a Wadia 302. Rotel 1080 is good sound for $600 used. I would not write off the combo.

My 2 channel sys have tube amp driving Avalon and I like warm sound. Rotel with Thiel IMHO not bright. I have owned JM lab Be and B&W signatures which are brighter than Thiel. Thiel is dryer in the midrange than Quad, not brighter.

IMHO, Thiels has a slightly recessed and dry midrange relative to bass and treble. Most people like a little hump at 60-100Hz but treble is exposed by the midrange.

It does not make them bad speakers. All speakers are compromises especially at this price. I own and like Thiel. I have no axe to grind. I would like to share with you the strength and weakness of my speakers. 92 db is sensitive but THiel has low impedance. I am not sure 1070 is OK with 3-4 ohm load. 1080 is more power for not much more dough. THiel image better than Quads. Both are lively and dynamic. I think there are more potential with Thiel. Quad is more balanced. If you like quad, try 21 instead of 22
Thanks Guys. Info. well taken.