Someone please do me a favor

Would someone buy Mazzy Star's "Among My Swan" cd and listen to track 2 and give me a report on what you think of the song's 'performance' on your system...I'd offer to buy you the cd if you don't like it, but I saw a real flaw in that plan ($). I'm willing to bet even if you don't like the music, you'll find something positive to say about it in one way or another. I'm just curious if I am hearing the same thing as people desribe when 'judging' a speaker's (and rest of gear of course) performance. Any other songs will do...I'm always happy to listen to this cd (for the music alone).
Please detail your system for me if/when you respond.
Sampled the CD online and liked it. Just placed an order. Should have it in a few days. I will post by the weekend.

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I will recommend Tracks 1, 2, and 8.
I played it twice; once with the CDP's built-in DAC; and once with the pre-amplifier's DAC. Using the CDP's DAC yields a warmer image, but at the expense of soundstage and airiness, while using the pre-amp's DAC gives a wider soundstage, better imaging, but the harmonica tends to be more metallic, to the point of being harsh.

As my room is 11W x 14L x 8H, with the speakers along the longer wall, I have a serious problem with echo. I would say that the untreated corners of the room artificially peaks her voice in track 2.

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