The "coolest" looking system?

O.K., this goes along with the best/worst speaker threads as banal. So what? I don't care what the stuff sounds like,if you were just going for looks, what would you put together for a system? What made me think of this is the Shanling CD T 100. This thing looks very cool and is where I might start. Maybe add a Hovland Sapphire, a Hovland HP-100,an Oracle Delphi Mk V, and a pair of Martin Logan Prodigy's with an aniline blue dye finish for speakers(just to keep with the glowing blue Hovland theme). Go nuts!
That's funny isn't it. Too me the Shanling looks like a whore with too much make-up. Like being around a person who is trying too hard.

That's ok Max. I have never had any taste anyway!

I remain,
Clueless, Not a problem, Taste is individual, you just may not like the "Post Modern" sort of thing. I.E.,Frank Gehry designed buildings, such as Seattle's, Experience Music Project. There is always McIntosh?
Max? "Post-modern"?

I'm Cro-magnon.

Here's my idea of a good cheap date - Topless too!

Look at the knobs on that one! Matches my living room too!

It's not so much that I dislike the Shanling. It's just that I would feel obliged to go hog-wild and buy matching cables too!

I remain,
Clueless, do you own a smoking jacket?
Funny you should ask...I happen to have 20 of these.... Beauties cryogenically treated at a reduced price.

I remain,
How much?

I need one to cover the pee stain in my pants from laughing so hard!
They list at $29.95 but with the tratment and shipping it's
$6,345.95. The synergy alone is a bargain. They are left over from my audio club's last group purchase. Don't let the price scare you. It feels quite musical...we like to think of the jacket as a "component." Music is fundamentally vibration and the last interface is, of course, your outerware - or underware, if you're so inclined, during serious listening.

I remain,
I laughed so hard the cats went into hiding. Max, I've learned to take a leak before reading posts by Clueless. Clueless, please show up if I ever get a chance to buy you a drink.
Love where this post took off there a chance we can see Clueless model the jacket next to his topless beauty?

Thanx for the laugh!
Yes!! The rumor is true. November is long underware month and my audio group will be putting together a package deal of "under components" if you are interested. They will be audiophile quality, fully treated and broken in (don't ask), and with a low "Q" factor. High resonance underware are such a pain in the ass! What's more, I'm fairly certain Albert can't get them.

(Sorry, but I'm off for the rest of the day as work has ended and I get to go home and goof off)

I remain,
Damn it, now i can't get this image out of my head of Clueless in his 50's decor living room, ogling the knobs of his topless relic, wearing his smoking jacket and long johns while "sweating to the oldies" with Richard Simmons!

Can we ever go back to the topic in this darn thread after this turn? I did think it could be interesting in a different direction.

Think of it as a design project. I will add to my system by placing everything on two Billy Bags Pro Stands in brushed steel and black Corian, one for the CD and Pre and a seperate amp stand for the Sapphire. Still looking for some cables.
Jadis 400 watt tube amplifiers
Martin Logan statement speakers
Jadis CD transport
Wadia 27 digital converter
Arcici suspense rack
I'd go for the Blue Circle Music Pumps and Music Purse.
Sugar, i hope you are joking. Sean
Sugarbrie, and what speaker might you complete this ensamble with? Maybe horn loaded speakers made out of one of those pointy cone bras that Madonna was fond of a few years ago?
there is a cool site that someone recommended on another thread. i think it's lots of good looking stuff in there at not so cheap prices.
I do not have the coolest looking system, but I do have, probably the coolest looking and sounding monitor platforms. They are called: Sistrum Mini Monitor Platforms. Soon, they should have a picture of this baby on their website. Picture, if you can, three 25lb. dunce caps, each with one 1 1/2" audio point on the top, facing point up, and three on the bottom, point down. Hard to picture? Wasn't for me. I bought them having never seen or heard them. Won't be long, I'm told before you'll beable to see them first hand.
Warrenh, I think Viggen has the coolest speaker platforms. Most informative too. Take a look at his virtual system. :•)
Hey Gunbei,

How most embarrassing... that pic should be in the
"most shabbiest looking system" thread. Btw, I swapped back to my old driver tubes, and the system is 90% back to normal only lacking some of the warmth I first experienced.

Yah, most of you have no idea what I am talkin about...
You're right. Viggen's is untouchable. I, humbly, stand corrected.
Wilson Watt/Puppy 6's in one of those titanium finishes
Halcro DM38 mono amps
Levinson or Ayre silver pre
Linn CD 12
VPI Aries

Also cool-looking:
Meadowlark Ospreys
Teres turntable
Art Audio amp and pre
EAR chrome and gold phono stage
LFD Mistral CD player

I wouldn't mind hearing either of these systems too. Great looks and I imagine great sound.
O.K.,guys,this is an exhibition, not a competition, and as always NO wagering. I was hoping you guys could come up with something creative. If this were about who already has the coolest looking system, Albert has everyone's ass kicked already. So guys, stop picking on Viggen. So I guess Viggen isn't the Martha Stewart of Hi Fi. But he did say that the stands were a "good thing" and that next week he's going to show us how to bake a cake in the shape of a KT88.
My wife says the coolest looking system is a totally invisible one, so I got relatively diminutive Parsifal Encores, stuffed the Aleph P and MD100 tuner in the Arts & Crafts cabinet under Neuance shelves; I pose the EMC-1 CDP on top, as it DOES look cool, and hid the not-so-cool (!) Aleph monos under the basement joists, running SPM up through the baseboards. Does look minimalist...and cool; heats the basement, too!