The most musical sound in my 40 year's Audio history.

 It is the sound from my current system based upon Lansche 4.1 speakers.

I bought my first serious audio system consisting of Garrard Turntable, Fisher Receiver(SS), ADS bookself speaker on 1978.

Since then I had gone through Altech Lansing, Thiel, Canton, Apogee Duetta Signature, Avalon Ascent II, Wilson Watt Puppy 6, B&W 801, Full range speaker using Lowther PM 65.
I had Apogee Duetta Signature mated with Krell KSA 150 from 1989 to 1999.
That was the second most musical system that I had ever had.
In retrospect, I shall have kept Apogee for my life.

I had used Nad, Perreaux, Krell, Jeff Rowland SS amplifiers until 1999.
Since then I had been using only Tube amplifier, Jadis 500, Silbatone 300B SET, Rogue Cronus Magnum II.
I had given up vinyl when I moved from Berkeley to Chicago on 1988 since I had no room for vinyls in my small car.

I had used NAD, California Audio System, DCS Elgar,CEC TL0x, Accoustic Arts, EMMLab Dac2 as digital source.

I had been using Lansche 4.1 Speaker since 2007.

It has pristine treble out of plasma tweeter, dynamic sound out of active two 10 inch woofers and high efficiency (99db/w spec).

For the first 4 years I mated Lansche with Silbatone 300B SET 8watt amplifer (Western Electric original 300B tube made in 1903's).
But after moving to larger house, 8 watts was not enough to drive Lansche to full orchestra.

Thus I got Rogue Cronus Magnum II temporary base.
But after tube rolling, I had liked Rogue enough to keep it for 6 years.
I had installed Telefuken 12AX7 and Amperex 12Au7 to Rogue.

This year I got Line Magnetic 508 SET tube amplifier.
It has output of 48 watts out of 805 tubes and use 300B as driver.
I also had got Jay's CDT2 Mk2 transport to mate with EMMLab Dac2.

I also got used Lyngdorf 2170 two weeks ago for test.
Lyngdorf did not mate well with Lansche 4.1 speaker as amplifier.
But it turned out the Lyngdorf do wonder as Dac and room correction mated with Jay's transport.

I had done lot of tube rolling with Line Magnetic SET amplifier.
Mullard ECC35

1944 Sylvania 6sn7GT

Sophia Electric 300B
Cossor Tube 805B

I also use Spiritual Audio Vx9 power conditioner, Synergistic System Blue Power cables, Audio Note speaker Cable and Silnote digital cable.

Line Magnetic 508 (after Nos tube rolling) mated with Lansche 4.1 give most musical sound in my 40 years' Audio history.
I had been to many Audio Shows and Dealer Showrooms.
Some system play more dynamic sound but never musical as mine.
My system provide sweet treble, nuanced details, wide and deep soundstage and pretty explosive dynamics reaching 20hz rumble.

I am listening to "Autumn Leaves" sung by Eva Cassidy now.
Her voices is detailed and nuanced with mesmerizing appeal.
I had been never happy as now in my life.
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Thank You for  sharing your Audio history. That is quite an impressive list of gear over those years.  Happy Listening!

Thanks for your kind word.

Happy listening in holiday season!
Cool.  Nice to hear. Thanks for sharing. 

Thanks for kind word.

Have a nice holiday on December.
What seems odd and a little alarming especially for those with smaller budgets is with all that great equipment you owned over the years it took so long to be satisfied.
See "The Bug" bit you back in the '70s.   Those warm blue Fisher meters and finding ways to coax a little more sound from LP's...took you on the journey.   Rock on.

Could have saved yourself some time and bought some old Advents if all you wanted was musical

Happy Listening

I had been satisfied with my system except Wilson Watt Puppy 6 which sounded too bright to my taste.

So I sold it in 6 months.

But this combination of Line Magnetic 508 SET 48 watt and Lansche 4.1 give most musical sounds at my home.
Hello Shkong78
I have the LM508 and its a music monster and I agree with you that its a very very nice sounding amp. 
I would only recomend you to try it with a good preamp because IMHO it will make a big improvement in sound quality.
I first used the LM508 as integrated with several different tubes in both, preamp and power section, none of them TOO expensive, but they made an very good improvement in sound, mostly Tungsol in preamp section.
Nevertheless, in my experience a good preamp would give the Lm508 more bass control and a more detailed and smoother sound. The change is NOT subtle.
I use now the Audio-GD Master 1. Its an outstanding pre and not too expensive (supposedly competing with units costin 2 to 4 times). Of course you also will need decent cables to feel the difference.
Thanks for posting your history and that you're not happy with your speakers and system.  That helps others evaluate and work towards what they believe sounds best (within budget(s))

I also considered using pre amplifier in front of LM 508 but I settled with Lyngdorf 2170 as pre and Dac which mates well with LM 508.

Thanks a lot for your kind advice
Congratulations! Good to know you are enjoying the music. 
Always interesting to see ones journey, seeking to find great sound and music. 
I just acquired an LM 211ia with el34’s along with  Rega Apollo CDP which I play through my 1988 Conrad Johnson Synthesis lm-210 speakers. What incredible tone! Line Magnetic amps are excellent and punch above their weight. Thanks for your equipment history. 
Thanks kelly77 for your kind word.

Line Magnetic amps are built like tank and sound marvelous at decent price.

It is good for consumer to have more choices in tube amplifier
So good to hear of your audio journey.
You’ve truly had a very nice assortment of equipment over the years. Over the years, I’ve had and seriously auditioned many fine speakers and have to agree - the Apogee Duetta Sigs. would have to be near the top of the list when it comes to making real music. I have never heard the Lansche speakers but is impressive that they can make such wonderful, large and detailed music on such a modest amount of tube power.
Congrats on finding just the right combination of everything to make some very fine music. Sometimes it’s nice when we can forget the chase for a while, stop the analyzing and just set back and enjoy the performance.
Happy listening.........Jim

Thanks a lot for your kind word.

I would have kept Apogee Duetta Signature if I had enough room in my listening room.

The advantage of Lanshe 4.1 speaker is high efficiency to be driven by modest power tube amplifier.

For the last 20 years, I had been using only tube power amplifier.

With tube rolling, I can refresh the sound.

Do to the downsize in living space, I conceded to the idea that I'd have to trade down my Quad, ESL 63s and abandon my plans for the Apogees. After trying several of the small speakers in the lines of Focal, B&W, Monitor Audio and others, I decided on a set of little Gershmans Chameleons. I found them to be a very open, detailed and musical and quite suited to fill a small space. I thoroughly did enjoy them for nearly 10 years.
Now back into a larger home, I've opted to try the Magnapan 1.7s. Augmented on the bottom end with a ADS sub and powered with a Rogue Cronus Mag II, it sounds pretty darn nice. Have considered moving up to a refurbished set of Duetta Sigs or the larger Maggie 3.7i, but, either way, I would need more power, so I think I'll just enjoy the music and be happy with what I have for the time being.......Jim 

I understand that planar speakers need a lot of space.

Currently I have a big listening space with high vault.

I consider getting Vintage Western Electric system if I can afford or even replica.

@shkong78 Wow! the line-magnetic looks and undoubtedly sounds incredible. I remember, many years ago, auditioning a pair of the large Altec Lancing horns - what an incredibly huge and dynamic sound, but, after some consideration, decided that, even for my fairly good size room, they would be to much for my space.
Loved my Quads, but even more so, the Apogees. If not for the necessity for expensive more power - I would (now that I once more have the space) look for a nicely re-furbished pr. of Duetta Sigs. But way to much $$$ to even consider right now......Jim
Thanks very much for your information. I also love the sound, especially the 5.1 audio system, could you please tell me more about this system.
Also I am interested am thanh cho dam cuoi