The Beatles Mono CD Box Set

I just got the Mono Set from Amazon. Anyone hear upper end rolloff on some of the discs? I'm disappointed. Low end is weighty sometimes and sometimes not.
Be assured that the mono set is the best. You may need to play it louder for it to open up because the dynamics are better preserved on the mono set.

Can't say I hear any general high end roll off with these.

The quality of recordings from disk to disk does vary greatly still but there are really no steps backwards with any of these compared to the original CD masters that I can clearly detect.

Agree with Shadorne that louder is better with these. At reasonable volume, many of the tracks, especially the older R&R oriented ones, really come alive.

I find the bass levels in particular to be more satisfying with these in general. Its possible the high end seems more recessed in comparison to the original CD masters as a result, but there are no general issues with the high end that I could cite otherwise.
I have both the stereo and mono sets and it is the stereo versions that seem to be tipped to the high end. The mono set is free of this. From what I have read, the mono versions master tapes were cleaned up, but otherwise were pretty much left alone in the remastering process with little or no equalization.
Before the mono set, my wife bought me the latest single cd stereo version of Let It Be. The highs produced by that cd are what I'd expect from remasters. Looks like something about my setup is not allowing the performance of the mono discs to come through.
Maybe your speaker placement?

of course, be careful about tweaking things to optimize any particular recording. all recordings are of course different and have their pluses and minuses. optimizing one that does not have the top end you are expecting could push others that do into the red zone.
The sound came around after I took the system down for home improvements and then put it back together, this time with all my cables in an order with proper separation, something I've neglected.... It makes a difference.

Yes, it can!

I have had to deal with some noise issues associated with power cord proximity to IC to the power amps. Also, tube noise was part of the mix.

It is under control currently. But I should probably redo all my wires to provide better isolation. I have found with this kind of thing benefits do not end once you do not hear an effect. There can still be subtle effects at play that are not obvious until addressed further.
I like the mono set. I also got the stereo White Album for comparison's sake. I like it better, but only because the stereo mix is a little more interesting (and what I'm used to hearing).
I think the mono CDs sound great though.
Have you compared any of the mono CDs with either the new or old stereo CDs?
"Have you compared any of the mono CDs with either the new or old stereo CDs? "

The newest stereo and mono remasters are all very good and for the first time are finally in the same league as most of the better newer remasters in the same genre I have.

For me, the best thing about newer digital remasters is how they practically bring older (mono in particular) material that never got a really good treatment on vinyl or digital to life for the first time. By older, I mean some things that were recorded back in the 1940s.

Old mono recordings by guys like Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters never sounded like modern recordings to me until I started to pick up some newer remasters on CD of their old material.

When I listen to these recordings these days, they sound more modern highly polished, detailed and dynamic. A true new window into fantastic older material that I would otherwise likely not pay much attention to these days.

What wonderful treats these old recordings from before my time that never got my attention are these days!
Before the White album, the Beatles mixed down on mono so what you hear is what they had in mind. Remember, 80% of this material was recorded on a 2 track. Audiophile quality was really not in the cards. I think they sound fine.
I love the Beatles, but I get kind of annoyed with some stuff coming directly form one speaker and other instruments coming from the other. For example drums and base from one side and voices and guitars from the other. Would I bet better off getting the mono versions?
"Would I bet better off getting the mono versions?"

If the unnatural stereo mixes of the older albums bother you , then yes. That material in particular sounds quite natural in mono with the new box set.
I think the mono box set is awesome. Has helped me appreciate both Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour (never liked them previously). To me, these mono recordings, once you get used to their narrower soundstage width vs. the stereo versions, are wonderfully intimate and more believeable than the stereo versions. Though I do also still play the stereo versions in my truck or in the barn, where fidelity is not the main objective.