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Hi! I want to buy Speakers shelving to Electrocompaniet ECI 3.In the 2000-3000 $. Please tell us who are listened to and liked.
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See. ProAc Response Two-- Nola--Spendor-Dunaudio--ATS . Tell who listened to such bundles.
Can't understand the question,(shelving?) or the first response.
He wants to buy speakers to match his integrated amp. He followed up his question by indicating some brands he is interested in and if anyone has heard or has opinions on them.

I used Spendor 1/2e speakers with an Electrocompaniet amp for a bit. I thought they were a great match and I am probably one of the few that feel Spendor Classic Series speakers work better with moderate to high powered solid state amps.
Tell us about your room.
Clio, you must be a crypotologist. Do you work for CIA or NSA?
Clio09 Thanks for the clarification! Room of 20 square meters.My source One Chord. Two sets of cables 1)Argento Flow 2)Xlo Signature. I was able to listen to ProAc 100 all good except for the lower bass (a bit blurred) think that the in Response Two Bass more control.
The EC3 has a mellow, warmish sound that tries to mimick the sound of tubes, according with my memory of them as I once owned this integrated.

You do not want speakers that sound overly warm or it will all sound too mushy. Go for speakers that are detailed and even borderline bright.
Focus on the basic sound and presentation. Anomalies like the one you mentioned of blurred lower bass can be caused by many things including room, cable, electronics etc. and there are just as many cures for this type of problem. Listening to equipment in a stereo store means very little and if you insert a single piece of equipment into your system without making adjustments it is also a waste of time. Find something (speakers/electronics) and spend some time with it to learn what it has to offer.
Thanks everyone for the replies....listen to the store is not possible .We in the city sell very cheap Speakers - 1000$. So I'm trying to ask people's opinion
Clio, you must be a crypotologist. Do you work for CIA or NSA?

No. I happened to be on my fourth martini at the time I read his posts.
For purely experimental purposes I just drank four Martinis and reread Clio's post.
He makes perfect sense to me.
If you can tell please us about Nola Boxer who heard!
I heard the Nola contender with an EC amp and it sounded great.
Bought Nola Boxer (I really liked the sound ) my opinion is that the sound without overtones.
Without overtones? What does that mean. It doesn't sound very desireable.
Can you say,"Lost in translation"?
Vapor Audio Breeze

RAAL tweeter and Nomex cone symmetric drive Wavecor woofer.

Bookshelf sized speakers, using one of the finest tweeters on earth, delivering unmatched sound at it's price point.

The larger stand mount Aurora uses an 8" woofer and waveguide loaded Transducer labs Alumina ceramic dome tweeter. Floor standing sound in a stand mount monitor.

Both fit your budget.
I typically don't recommend people to buy speakers for amps. With that said, I've heard very nice sounds from Meadowlarks powered by the Electrocompaniet integrated.
Luvs2listen, you need to state your affiliation with Vapor Audio.
Some folks frown upon vendors recommending their speakers to potential customers here. Might as well let the happy customers who own the speakers do the selling for you.
That said, I own the Breeze speakers, in a custom finish, upgraded amorphous core Raal, Dueland resistors, and matching stands. I HIGHLY recommend the Breeze for folks looking for an amazing monitor, that is very detailed and resolving, disappear, throw a wide soundstage, fast bass, and the best highs I have ever heard. It's also a very musical speakers!!