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Best Speakers You Have Ever Heard In Your Home
The best one's I've heard in my home were the pair I built for myself featuring a Scanspeak Revelator midrange.I call them "Byzantium" because their shape reminds me of a Byzantine arch. 
Speakers that do pianos really well 
What the best 89-90 db speaker I can buy for 3k?
Hi Schubert,I work with Vapor Audio just so you know. Have a look at the Vapor Breeze, Stiff Breeze, Sundog, and Aurora.All are under your price mark, and all offer fantastic value for the money. The Aurora features a large waveguide loaded cerami... 
Does this speaker exist?
Hi Drubin,I'm with Vapor Audio, and I believe we have exactly what you're looking for.There is no finer transducer for treble than the RAAL tweeter. We feature the RAAL in most of our speakers. Nothing offers a more transparent window into the mus... 
Need Help finding Speakers Budget 20,000 US
Nice point there Peter. Assuming that the big guys offer more/better technology, better R&D, better quality, is really an unfounded generality. We offer arguably the best woofer on the planet in the Nimbus that John Atkinson found to be one of... 
Need Help finding Speakers Budget 20,000 US
Dragon Vibe, I'm associated with Vapor Audio and if you want full range sound with unlimited dynamic capacity in a gorgeous cabinet, have a look at this. 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Thanks Don!Looks like John Atkinson over at Stereophile agrees!!! 
Opinions - Best Sound at T.H.E. Newport 2013 Show?
Thanks Wcheng. It is a pleasure being cited by you as a best of show. Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio had some really nice things to say as well. 
'dimple' tweeter fix
Once a soft dome is deformed with a crease, it no longer behaves the same way under operation. What likely occurs are deviations from the original frequency response above 7000Hz where the dome typically starts entering resonance modes. The deform... 
'Holographic Sound Stage?'
To Dawgbyte, what type of shows have you attended that don't allow you to put the sound with the artist? I'll give you that most "electric" live shows don't have such queues since everything is amped up and pumped out via some massive speaker syst... 
'Holographic Sound Stage?'
A well recorded performance using more than one microphone will have spatial queues in the recording in the form of phase delay between the channels, which when played back through stereo speakers will replicate to some degree those same spatial q... 
How best to ship speakers?
Try Pilot Freight. It cost less to ship a pallet than two boxes via UPS or FedEx. 
Best bookshelf w/ ribbon tweeter under $2000
The Aon3 does not use a ribbon, but an Air Motion Transformer for the tweeter. They are both subsets of "planar" transducers. However, with AMTs, the drive current is carried via a conductor that is imprinted/glued to the diaphragm whereas with a ... 
Ref 3A Dulcets vs Vapor sound
For a review of one listener's impression of the updated Breeze . . . 
PMC vs. Salk Sound Speakers. Which is better?
Audiozen, audiophiles also claim all kinds of advantages to: putting speaker wires on lifters; adding baubles to their racks to deal with "resonances"; 3' of power cable between the 30' of romex in their walls and their amps. Common knowledge, so ...