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Best of both worlds..Image and slam
Sounds like you need a few subs to spread around the room, followed up with a high sensitivity monitor that uses at least a 10" midwoofer. 
16 x 12...ideal sub size
Multiple small subs can also work wonders for mitigating room modes and providing the proper SPL to compliment your mains.A big sub always has an advantage. The old saying still holds true . . . there's no replacement for displacement . . . and a ... 
Berlin R to challenge Magico / Raidho?
What do you want to know? Ribbons regularly boast response to past 50KHz. Necessary? Debatable of course. Wide bandwidth means less phase shift in the 10KHz region when compared to a dome that rolls off at 20KHz. 
Perlite Speaker Stand Filler
Perlite is too lightweight to have much effect. You're better off using something like clay granules (kitty litter) if you want to steer clear of sand or lead shot. 
The high range on my speakers are harsh...
The Rotel is a 60W amp (from what I found on the web), which means with lower sensitivity monitors, like the small Paradigms, it's pretty easy to push enough power through the Rotel to cause it to clip.Do you notice the crackle all the time, or on... 
Small speaker suggestions
In the budget category you define Jrod, you may want to consider the Behringer Truth 2-way monitors. They have very linear (smooth) response and respectably low distortion.The B2031P (available at many location on the web) has been tested independ... 
Thiel CS6 Compared with Eggleston Andra 1
Stereophile's measurement of the Eggleston looks like a classic case of a tweeter that is wired out of phase from the correct orientation. The very deep and symmetrical suck out is the result you get when a crossover designed to match the tweeter ... 
The most dynamic speaker you've heard...
Going off tangent a bit, but field coils do open up a lot of possibilities that fixed magnets can't match. You could have active flux modulation compensation for example. Power supplies have to be incredibly well regulated so that back EMF generat... 
Audio Shows
Axpona is coming to Chicago in March. Sounds like if you can make Montreal, you could easily make Chicago. 
Ultimate DIY speaker design?
Check the DIY speakers built by Dan Neubecker.! 
Daber 2: better speaker in the world for $1k?
Hi Finsup.My calling attention to the manufacturer's own measurements is trashing a product or self promotion? Really? I didn't realize that directing people to Daber's Facebook page was somehow an affront to decorum.I personally think that the mo... 
Any bookshelves with horn-loaded tweeters?
Hi Sprks.Just got done chatting with Doc77 and he's up for a get together, but only if Ryan (Vapor1) is welcome too.Which day and what room? 
Any bookshelves with horn-loaded tweeters?
Well Paul, I hang my head in shame for not disclosing that I am tied to Vapor, something anyone who looks at my posts here on the forum can figure out rather quickly and easily.Come by one of our rooms at RMAF and we can chat. 
Daber 2: better speaker in the world for $1k?
Yes, excellent tweeter, one of the best domes I've ever heard. We're using one of the Transducer Labs tweeters in the Vapor Aurora because no other dome has as lively and engaging a sound. Be extremely careful as that dome is literally thinner tha... 
Any bookshelves with horn-loaded tweeters?
The Vapor Aurora with their 8" waveguide loading a ceramic dome tweeter and 8" woofer reach into the low 30s, upper 20s in-room. A sub is quite optional with them.