Supratek or Rogue?

I will be upgrading my system from a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated amp to a pair of the Rogue M-180 monoblocks and a separate preamp. My budget for the preamp is about $2500 so the obvious contender is the Rogue 99 line stage. However, I have recently found out about Supratek and their Chardonnay line stage. The Chardonnay is absolutely gorgeous and 6 Moons gave it a rave review a while ago. The company has a tremendous reputation and following among audiophiles as well. One of the biggest cons for me is the fact that Supratek has no dealer support in the US (or anywhere else for that matter), and if something goes wrong, you're pretty much on your own. Also, the wait time is at least 2 months, if not 6. I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter and see what you would do if faced with this dilemma.

The rest of my system: VPI Classic turntable, Lyra Delos cartridge, Camelot Technology Lancelot phono preamp, Silverline Audio SR-17.5 speakers.

Thank you.
Haven't heard either but on looks alone the Supratek looks sweet.
I think you've already answered your own question in your opening post.

There are many excellent used preamps available in your price range, and there are several existing threads currently discussing them.

Take a look.
I owned a Supratek Grange some years back and it was awesome. It did, however, arrive DOA due to a cold solder joint that was easily fixed. Your points about service and repair are important.

That being said, it may not be a bad idea to consider purchasing an inexpensive linestage as a back up should you decide on the Chardonnay. As they say, sh** happens.

I've owned a Supratek Chardonnay and now own a Dual Cabernet. I've had the Dual Cab for over two years which says a lot considering how much I used to flip gear. I can't speak to the Rogue units, but the Supratek preamps I've owned have been flawless. Mick's partner, Kevin Covi, lives in New York and should be able to offer support though I'm not 100% sure he's still involved. They're all point to point wired so most competent tube tech should be able to make repairs if ever needed. The sound of Supratek is even more beautiful than their looks.
Owned the Rogue 99 magnum and now own the Chardonney.

The Rogue was big sounding had good dynamics and detail, but it sounded a little noisy to me and did something weird to the soundstage. Hard to explain. The Supratek is far better in my opinion. I had a problem with the power switch breaking and emailed Mick. He sent me one for no charge. Took a couple of weeks to get, but no problem there. I did solder it in myself. I also owned a Modwright preamp 9.0 with upgrades that I liked very much. I had both the Suprated and Modwright in my system for about a year before I decided to keep the Modwright. The Modwright is also very good and can be found inexpensively used. It was a little more extended on top with better dynamics. The Supratek was warmer sounding and bigger sounding with the 6sn7 tubes. Check the thread out on preamps costing $3500 great suggestions there. Don't know if you want remote or not but there are some excellent preamps for less like the Mapletree and the The Cary Ae-3 (the SLP98 can also be had in your price range)Since you are running a tubed amp the Modwright may be really good for you.
I would buy a Dodd Battery preamp.... my experience is that it will sound better than both the Rogue & Supratek. I have owned all three at different times. Just my opinion. The Audio Valve Eklipse and Aesthetix Calypso are also superior in sonics...again, my experience and opinion (used prices should keep all 3 of my recommendations in your budget),,,FWIW. If you can spend $1k more, get a TRL Dude (new).
I own a Chenin (Chardonnay plus phono) which I have extensively modded. These preamps are easy to mod due to their point to point wiring. I converted to single 2C22 tubes to replace the series 6SN7s, changed the anode load from resistor to cascoded CCS, changed the cathode bias from bypassed resistor to Schottky diodes, swapped the output caps to 1uF Duelund Cast, swapped the output transformers to Lundahl LL1674, changed the electrolytics in the power supply to Solen PP caps, and bypassed the mute and transformer loading switches. I use a Mullard GZ33 rectifier and Sovtek KT66 regulators.

The preamp sounds awesome now - fast, clear, dynamic, and very musical. I wouldn't swap it for any other preamp I have ever heard.

My point is that as good as it sounded stock, you can take it to a much higher level with some mods. So I was able to start off at a relatively low entry price and progressively move it up the preamp food chain with just some parts and a soldering iron. If you are in the NJ area, PM me and you can stop by for a listen.
The Supratek is a classic.There are a couple of talented individuals in the US who can diagnose and repair if the need arises,so I wouldn't let service concerns impact your decision.
You are asking a question that may be answered in a way not serving your best interest.
There are many pre amps out there.
Mark at rogue engineered the M180s to work well with the Rogue 99 pre amp.
You may find many good looking pre amps winning over the harts of the well intended some making the choice on looks first.
Most are eager to recommend their favorite pre amp in their system to you.
But I would ask how many have actully heard the Rogue 180s and Abed a Rogue 99 up against pre amp b in that system?
and then what happened.
Best Johnnyr
Perhaps Audioconnection should disclose that they are a Rogue dealer when answering posts?
Audioconnection makes a good point about in house synergy between preamps and power amplifiers. However, I've used a Supratek preamp with Supratek mono blocks and while the sound was good, it wasn't anywhere near the level I've achieved with my current Supratek/Yamamoto combination. Just food for thought.
Get something that matches the Rogues sonic signature, and matches the looks. The Supratek does neither of these.

Thank you all for your opinions and advice; I greatly appreciate it.

Dave, can you please elaborate on Supratek not matching the sonic signature of Rogue, if you can? Is your opinion based on your listening experience? If so, please say more. Thank you.
I'd want to hear the Supratek/M180 paired together before purchasing to make sure they sound good together. The 99/M180 pairing works fine for me, but I dialed-in the sound with a little tube rolling.

Hi reynolds853

did you have the chance to hear the Supratek/M180 paired together ?


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reynolds853 & actusreus,

I'd really appreciate your response to this question:

Did you have the chance to hear the Supratek/M180 paired together ?

Please what are your thoughts.

Thank you


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